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Jun. 4th, 2012


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Title: Clueless
Author: Boku desu~
Pairing: Matsumura Hokuto x OC (Mika)
Genre: Romance
Rating: General

Type: One-shot
Summary: It's always nice to make new friends. And that's always what Hokuto has in mind when meeting new people. But what if the girl you want to make friends with is someone completely new, and manages to interest you in every way possible, you start treating them like something more? What if the person has no clue about what you feel, what would you do?
Author's note: Sorry, I just really felt like doing a one-shot before school starts and i'm gonna be busy again. I'm gonna be doing one for Hokuto because it's almost his birthday~ I apologize for typos and such. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think! :D

Narration is based on Hokuto's point of view.

When I was a little boy, I was passed by a particular house on my way to school. My hand in my mom's, I always take a peek at the cream-colored, two-floored home. Every time I do, I always get the feeling that someone is staring at me. It's as if, right before I turn my head to look at it, the curtain block the view of one window.

I told my mom about this once, she said it was nothing. I didn't want it to be a big deal, so I tried forgetting about it. But I couldn't. I've never seen any kids come out of that house, only a man in a suit that always seems to head to work, while her wife sometimes sees her go at the door.

That's why I couldn't just ignore it as a child.

When I got a bit older, the feeling was still there, but it somehow faded. I was glad about that. And my life went on.

"Ho-ku-to~" Jesse calls out from behind me.
"Oh, doshite?" I look at him from over my shoulder and go back to my script.

"Wanna go out with the rest of us tomorrow night?" He flashes a smile at me.
"Of course. I could use the relaxation." I drop the script on my lap.
"Yatta~" He raises his fists in the air. "7 pm, the usual place." After that, he leaves.

When he's left the room, I heave out a sigh. I've never been so glad to have a break from this drama. I love working with the cast, don't get me wrong. But I'm in the point that even my phone time to call my friends, I have to schedule.

The shooting is over and I walk home with no one else, just wanting to clear my mind and take a nice walk in the fresh air. We say our goodbyes, telling each other to take care, especially me who has no company at the moment. I sling my bag over my shoulder, trying to think of what will happen tomorrow night. The excitement makes me all giddy and happy.

Walking down the pavement of my neighborhood, all the lamp posts are lit and the homes are quiet. The leaves rustle in the breeze as I close my eyes and enjoy it. From afar, I see a girl walking alone. She's about my age, quite slim, not that small and short, black hair.

I try to not pay attention to her, continuing to walk, but she manages to catch my attention. She turns to her left, right where the cream-colored house stands. The house where I always felt someone was looking at me, the house with only the couple living in it.

The lamp posts aren't enough light for me to look at her clearly, but she's certainly not the wife of the man that always goes to work in a suit. She reaches for her shoulder bag, her hands quite shaky and her body a bit fragile. She fishes a key out of her bag, unlocks the door, and hurries inside.

My mind suddenly fills with thoughts.

Who is she? Did she always live there? Maybe she's adopted? Is she a niece of the couple? How come I've never seen her visit?

Then, I realize that it's none of my business. Maybe I won't know her anytime soon, but I bet I'll get to know her somehow.

First thing on my mind when I wake the next day is how excited I am for our dinner later. I'm so excited that, immediately after breakfast, I start picking what I'm gonna wear.

To make time pass faster, I try memorizing a few of my lines for the next shooting. I manage to kill 3 hours. But I still need to wait for 2 other hours, so I soak myself in the bath tub, refusing to get out until I kill another more hour.

A few minutes just lying there, I start thinking about the girl last night, and wondering why I've never seen her before in my years here in this neighborhood. She's a complete mystery to me, yet she's no one I should be thinking about. Trying to think of ways to meet her, I fail every single time I come up with a plan, either being too obvious or me just not knowing how to approach someone as elusive as her.

With all my thinking and wondering, 45 minutes have passed and figuring that that's good enough. Drying off with my towel, my heart starts to pound again, anxious to get there as soon as possible.

Dressed and ready to go.

The restaurant is a fifteen minute walk from my house. The streets are crowded tonight and my fifteen minute walk became eighteen. But that's okay because I still manage to make it in time.

I arrive with only Kouchi and Shintaro missing from the table. Soon enough they arrive and the fun is started. We order a buffet for the seven of us, and have a nice talk while eating. Teasing, laughs, and all sorts of fun that's too much for me to absorb at the moment, but I still like it.

After finishing the buffet with our stomachs undoubtedly full, we all go home with smiles on our faces. And, like last night, I'm walking alone again.

Just my luck, the rain starts to pour. Everyone in the street brings our their umbrellas while I only have my jacket to protect me. I pull up my hood to my head and walk with my head down. Two streets away from ours, the people start to lessen, until it's just me again.

Walking past trees and vacant lots, the trees sway with the gush of wind and manages to make me shiver. In a vacant lot, under the dim light of a lamp post, I see a figure curled up against the wall of a house. When I choose to pass by it, I hear it making sniffing sounds and whines I can't ignore.

I figure that maybe it's a child left alone, so I approach "it". Slowly walking toward it, I try not to make any movement that alarms the child, letting it know I'm here to help.

When I manage to get near it, I hold her freezing hands and ask her what's wrong. She looks up at me. Turns out she's not a child, she's no one I've ever seen before. Her face is completely new to my eyes, I don't think she's even from here.

At that moment, it hit me. About my age, quite slim, not that small and short, black hair; she's the girl from last night. The girl that kept my mind buzzing for hours.

I'm not sure if her eyes are filled with tears, or it's just the rain. She's soaking wet, her whole body is shaking because of the temperature, and her hands are freezing cold. After taking a good look at me, she buries her face in her hands again, her knees brought closely to her chest.

She looks so fragile.. So inexperienced, my heart quickly fills with pity and compassion. I take off my jacket, quickly affected by the chill of the wind, but still continuing to wrap the jacket around her, bringing the hood up to her head.

I pretend not to notice her looking up, examining the jacket and look at me, while I act like I'm just going to sit beside her on the soft, wet grass. She continues to stare at me, waiting for me to look at her. But when I don't, she speaks first.

"Arigatou." She whispers. I turn to her with a warm smile on my face.
"Can I ask something?" I say softly. She nods. "What are you doing in a place like this during this kind of weather?"

She looks away, giving me the feeling that she's a bit embarrassed to say her reasons. Yet, she looks at me again and speaks.

"I'm lost." Her eyes grow bigger in the cutest way, like a puppy dog begging for food.
"You're.. lost? How exactly did that happen?" I squint, trying to understand.

She tells me everything, from the beginning to where we are now. All the questions in my mind were answered as well.

Before she was born, her mother and father had two kids before her, one boy and one girl. But, the life of the two children were taken tragically. The first one, a boy, was in her mother's womb for only seven months. The pregnancy had complications and the baby was born earlier than it was supposed to. Because of that, the baby's life was taken in just three days after it was born.

The second child, a girl, was born normally and no complications happened during the pregnancy. When the girl was already five years old, her parents thought that they could both go back to work and leave the child to a babysitter. One day, the girl asked her babysitter if they could go outside so the child could ride her bike. The babysitter agreed and told the girl to get her bike out back while the babysitter gets the keys to lock the door. The girl cycled to the front of the yard, waiting for her babysitter. At that moment, a speeding car that lost its breaks was racing down their street. The car accidentally turned right on their lot, with the driver unable to stop it nor control it. The girl and the babysitter were both crushed between the house and the car, while the driver only suffered bruises and cuts.

It was horrible. The couple decided to move into our neighborhood, two years before I was born. She was born a year before me. After those two tragic incidents, the couple decided to home school her, completely isolated from the world. Her dad worked while her mom taught her at home. Everyday, she would look at the kids pass by her home, going to school, making friends, while all she could do was envy them. After finally turning 18, her parents let her go out on her own, explore the world that's completely new to her.

Tonight, she went to a friend's place. But because of the unfamiliarity of the streets and houses, she wound up here, in this vacant lot, waiting for someone to find her in this weather. Even though all the question in my mind are answered, I still have one.

"Mika, right? Um, can I ask just one more thing?" I kindly ask while the rain drips from my hair to my lip.
"When you and I were both little, did you happen to peek a bit through your window while I passed your house?"
"Yeah." She chuckles, as if remembering the moment. "You were one of the kids I envied. When you walked by my house, I wanted to open the door and join you." She shakes her head.

It's all finally coming together now. The heavy rain lessens and becomes a drizzle. I stand up and offer my hand to her, while she only looks at it.

"Come on, I'll take you home." I smile. She looks at me for a while, wondering if she should come with me. After some hesitation, she grabs my hand and stand up, walking beside me.

She tells me about what it's like to be home schooled, while I tell her about what school is like. She told me that she's seen me a few times on TV, since it's the only thing she watches when she has nothing to do. We talk, have a few laughs, and arrive at her house in a snap.

"Come here." She smiles at me, wanting me to walk to the front door with her. I walk towards her, while she rings the doorbell. Her mom answers the door, a woman who looks exactly like her. She eyes me carefully before Mika lightens the mood and introduces me.

"I see. Thank you for helping my daughter. Please come again sometime, maybe tomorrow evening. We can have dinner. You're one of  Mika's first friends in the neighborhood." Her mom says after she introduces me as the boy who helped her.
"I would be happy to. I'll come by again tomorrow at..?" I trail off.
"Seven p.m." Her mom continues.
"Seven p.m." I smile at Mika, then her mom. "I'll be going now. Nice to meet you ma'm. Bye Mika."
"Chotto matte." She says. She slide her arms out of my jacket and gives it to me. "Here."
"Oh, thank you." I smile.
"I should be the one to say that." She grins. "Take care."

I nod slightly, walking away with my soaking wet jacket slung over my shoulder. I could hear the door close behind me.

When I get home, all I keep thinking about is how I want to see her again. And how her mom scares the crap out of me. It's weird how I just met her, how I just found out her name, and I already have an attraction for her.

Her being cooped up in her home has seemed to make her naïve, making things far more complicated than before. If she never made any friends, never confessed to or never liked anyone since she's always been inside her house, it'll make it harder for me to drop hints since I'm not so sure she'll get them.

Maa, I'll just go with it. That's what I always do when I want things to go right.

After a good night rest and an afternoon nap, I tell my mom that I'm going over to a friend's house just near the house. With that, she tells me to take care and let's me leave. I choose something presentable to wear in front of her mom, a blue polo shirt and a pair of brown pants with sneakers to match.

The walk takes less than five minutes. Considering that it's only three houses apart from mine. I see the car of the dad parked in the garage that's slightly open, and I begin to become nervous with the idea of her dad being here.

I ring the doorbell once, rearranging my outfit before anyone answers the door. And just what I thought, her dad is here. Just my luck, he answers the door. He's a big man, making me look smaller. He looks nice, but still a bit scary. He lets me in, I nod slightly as a sign of thanks and guides me to the dining room.

"What's your name, bud?" He asks kindly.
"Hokuto.. Matsumura Hokuto desu." I answer.
"How old are you?"
"Turning 17." I retort.
"I see you're younger than her. You look awfully familiar. Have I seen you somewhere before?"
"Actually, I--"
"Hokuto-kun!" Mika calls out when we step into the dining room, not letting me finish my sentence.

She pats down the seat beside her. I walk over to the other side of the table where she is and sit beside her. They hand over the rice, the tempura that her mom prepared and the soup that comes along with it.

We have a little talk, where I go to school and what I mostly do.

"Actually, I'm a part of Johnny's Entertainment and I appear often on dramas." I smile when they ask.
"Wow, good for you." Her mom compliments.
"Thank you." I smile.
"Mika, would you be so kind to get the dessert from the fridge?" Her dad asks.
"Okay~" She gladly gets up from her chair and goes to the kitchen.

Once she's gone, her father and mother share a look and then stare at me.

"Hokuto-kun, we need to tell you something." Her dad says seriously.
"Well, it's more of a favor." Her mom cuts in.
"Anything." I sincerely reply.
"We've cooped her up in this house because we're afraid she might end up with some jerk." Her dad starts off.
"And, after having a nice talk with you tonight, we approve of you and her. That is, if you feel anything for her." Her mom gently says.
"I do." I reply shortly.
"Perfect!" His dad exclaims.
"What's perfect?" Says Mika coming from the kitchen.
"Nothing." I turn to her and answer with a smile.
"Sit down, honey." Her mom kindly says.

A few more talking happens and everyone seems to know me more. Dinner is done and me and Mika clean up the table. While her mom and dad volunteer to wash the dishes themselves.

"Mika, why don't you have a little one-on-one time with Hokuto. I bet you two would love to talk on your own alone." Her mom smiles at us. I give her a look, my eyes wide while I make sure Mika doesn't see my face. I expected this, but I didn't know it was gonna be tonight.

She takes my hand, leads me up the stairs as I hear her mom and dad talking in a happy tune.

She opens the door to her room. I'm surprised to see that it's not all that girly as I thought. The walls are, yes, pink. But it's not full of stuffed toys that kinda annoy me with their big eyes that always seem to stare at you. Instead, a rack in leaning in one of the walls is filled with figurines of angels and little girls, and even a few of a little boy and girl couple hand in hand with each other. I eye each one carefully, while she just observes me from her bed.

When I see her looking at me, I feel so silly. It's like it's my first time to see figurines that they catch my attention so easily. I should remember that I came up here to win her heart and not to see her display. Okay.

"You like them?" She giggles when I sit on the bed.
"I do. But.. I think I like the owner better." I smile.
"I like you too!" She grins childishly. I find myself quite confused if she meant that in a couple way, or in a friendly way.

With that, I try something else.

"Your mom cooks amazingly." I compliment.
"Yeah, I know. I'm trying to learn some things from her." She smiles weakly.
"I bet you'd make a good wife." I carress her jawline, making her turn to me. She grabs my both my hands and keeps them in hers.
"I'll let you know when I can~" She says sweetly.

Again, I'm confused. The way she says it makes me confused. I just burst.

I take a deep breath, look at her straight in the eyes.

"Mika, I'm trying to make a point here."
"I am too." She replies.
"No, I mean, I'm trying to let you know something."
"Yeah, me too." She repeats. But I just shake my head.
"You don't! You don't understand me."
"No, I think you don't understand me."

And I'm tired of all this talking and insisting with no sense that I just yell.

"Mika, I like you! Okay?! I really really like you." I say.
"I like you too."
"Yeah, I know, I'm your friend so you like me, I get it. But, I like you."
"I like you as a friend, yes. But, I if you ask me if I want you as my boyfriend, I wouldn't have second thoughts and say yes." She explained.

I chuckle at myself. Wow. I was worried that she wouldn't get my point, that being cooped up in this house would make her completely oblivious of what loving is. And here I am being explained to by her. It just seems hilarious.

"What?" She asks.
"Nothing, nothing."
"Tell me." She insists.
"I just thought you'd be clueless if a guy liked you or not, so I was worried of how I would do things. And I turn out to be the one who was completely confused. I just.. I--" I chuckle.
"You look cute when you laugh." She smiles.
"Really?" I say with a bit of debonair in me.

I lean toward her, her lips nearing mine. I open my mouth a bit, surprised when she does the same. Our lips touch for about 2 seconds when we hear a knock on the door.

"Hokuto! You can't do that to our daughter yet!" Her mom calls out from the other side of the door. I guess they were listening the entire time, and the silence gave them the idea that something was happening.
"Don't worry! I won't!" I say out loud. I turn to Mika. "I better go."
"Okay." She smiles.

She walks me until the front door.

"Good night. Be sure to visit again some day." She smiles.
"Tomorrow." I wink. She laughs a bit and sees me off.

May. 14th, 2012


A Different Me

Title: A Different Me
Author: Nayami =w=
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Okamoto Keito x OC (Kamekaze Karina)
Rating: General
Author's note: This request was made like, a month ago. And I'm sorry I finished it just now /hides/. Sorry for any typos :D I don't usually read them before posting. I hope you like it! Dozo!

School has always been either a sweet dream, or a horrifying nightmare.
Walking down the halls of the ground floor, people start to stare. I can feel the weight of their gaze,
not bothering to shift their attention to something else, choosing to focus solely on me.

I bow my head down, not wanting to face any of these people who judge me here and now. I can
hear their mumbles, their whispers, and every single word they mutter is able to bring me down.

Every step forward I take, a new set of people lay their eyes on me and give their harsh comments
to their friends instead of telling it to me right in the face. I would prefer they tell me directly.

But as much as I hate being judged, I love trying new things. People may not see things my way,
but I love to show them what kind of things run through my mind. The problem is, they don't think
the same thing. And here I am now, a walking headline in the worst possible way, where everyone
sees me as a fashion disaster.

From a distance, I can hear the voices of Mai, Kina, and Mira. My heart pounds even more,
wondering how they'll react to what I'm wearing

A dark green off-shoulder tee, red and purple spotted leggings and a pair of two inch gold heels.

About two feet from me, they stop in their tracks, eying me from head to toe, while I stand there,
waiting for what they have to say.

"What the heck are you wearing?" Mai shoots me a look of confusion, having no idea what popped
into my head to wear what's on my body now.
"I have to say, this is one of the worst outfits you could've thought of. Green and red? It's not
Christmas Karina." Mira raises her eyebrows and nods.
"And that kind of style doesn't suit you. Girl, you need help." Sachi gestures to all of me.
"Help? Who would possibly help me after how I'd appeared today?" I shake my head, pushing them
all away and heading to my locker.

They follow behind, effortlessly closing the gap I tried so hard to make, and even harder for them
not to notice I was making it in the first place.

They keep going on about how I need someone to help me find my style, how to match colors,
blah blah blah
It sucks how it's so early in the morning I'm already so pissed. And what's worse is that my so-
called friends are not helping me at all.

Because of that, I don't even feel like going to my first class. Health doesn't interest me at the very
least, anyway.

Even if I didn't go, no one would notice I'm gone, anyway. And if anyone did notice, they probably
wouldn't care.

At this moment, what runs through my mind is escaping. Escaping into my special place. Escaping
to where no one will know where I am. Escaping to where I'm alone and happy it's that way. I just need the perfect opportunity for that.

The hallways are flooded with people. After slamming my locker shut, I realize that my friends
have never left, still blabbering behind me on who knows what.

The sound of the bell gets everyone to rush to their designated classes, the perfect brouhaha to let
me sneak out. My friends say their goodbyes, telling me that they're not done with me yet, and head to their own classes.

While the halls are still filled with people, I rush to the end of the hallway, make a turn that leads to
another. And at the end of that hallway, the door that signals my escape is out of sight by anyone else.

I creep over to it, silently by quickly. I'm careful to dodge all mirrors that might bring about any unwanted attention.

Finally, I'm outside. The breeze blows through my hair, not missing the opportunity to fill my lungs with this fresh air.

Once that's done, one step after another, my heart pounds more and more, feeling excited that I'll get to escape this hell hole they call school filled with fiends disguised as students.
Passing the familiar stores, lamp posts and garbage cans, I arrive to my special place. On the way there and even as I've arrived, I can't shake off the feeling that somebody's following me. Though that's as it is, I just think of myself as paranoid. How can I not be? I escaped from 'school', so I guess paranoia isn't much of a surprise in my case.

Opening the large door, I make only a tiny hole to fit myself in. One step after another, I can't hide my excitement and show a smile. It's not often I get to go here. If I did, people would find out about it.

I found this place one rainy day ago. Because of my memory, I forgot to bring along my umbrella. I couldn't stand the freezing temperature, so I tried to find shade. I wound up in this abandoned warehouse, the inside completely dark since no light came from the inside nor the outside. Hugging my knees to myself, I tried to make me a warm ball, but it didn't work.

Suddenly, at the end of the room, I heard some drops of water as if filling the entire place. Curiosity took over and I went on ahead and checked.

When this warehouse was still in use, apparently, the workers were told to hide something out back. Something wondrous and magical. At that time, I could barely see the door. Trying to find it with my hands, I accidentally push it open, revealing a greenhouse teeming with breath-taking plants and flowers.

Roses, Daisies, Petunias, Tulips, and even more I can't name. Every inch filled with a colorful plant. Sprinklers go on as timed, sky high walls block all four sides, and only the glass roof of the greenhouse is on top to let sunlight in.

The beauty rendered me speechless. It was so beautiful, the kind of beauty to be shared, but I figured I wanted to be alone in that kind of place.

Opening the glass door once again, inhaling the fresh oxygen this place always supplies, I settle down in one of the corners. Grabbing my iPod from my pouch and blasting the volume so high, it seems like I'm in another world. Where my worries have ceased to exist and it's only me.

Suddenly, I bolt upright, feeling the presence of another person. I've always been able to do that. That's why no one can sneak up on me.

Slowly approaching the door so as to not alarm my surprise visitor, I peek slowly, seeing the silhouette of him in the faint light. I can see his chest raise up and down dramatically as if trying to catch his breath. I tell him to come inside, wanting to see him in the light.

My visitor is definitely unexpected.

"Keito-kun.." I mutter.
"H-hi." He scratches his head and says no more.
"Ano, may I ask.. What are you doing here? And how did you find this place?" I ask nervously.

He takes a while to answer, as if he's in war with himself about which to say. He looks at me, as if forgetting that I was here and suddenly remembering.

"I heard the rumors."
"And you decided to see the walking fashion disaster for yourself?" I roll my eyes, sighing to myself.
"No. I was worried."

I shoot him a look. Well, I definitely didn't expect this. For some reason, my heart races.

"You were..worried?" I repeat while he gives a slight nod. "Worried because..?"
"I know how it feel to be.."
"Be..?" I wait for him to continue.
"Be judged." He sighs.

I look at him for a while, eying him from head to toe, and back to his face, looking at his eyes that try to look away.

"You were worried. And once you followed me here..what were you planning on doing?" I squint, waiting for an answer. And surprised by how mean I sounded. It's already out, though, so I just wait for what he's about to say.
"What I wanted everyone to do when I felt like this..when I told them to leave me alone.."
"And what is that?"
"Know that I didn't want to be alone and.. and keep me company."

At that second, I felt a connection between me and him. Like there was something that we had in common that made me feel..calm and in peace around him. He stand there, waiting for me to say something, to speak up what's in my mind. But I can't. I've never felt like this towards a guy. Well, I have, but I regret that connection..

"Ano.." he says, pulling me back into reality. "If you want, I can leave. I just thought you might feel bad if you were alone.."

He starts to walk away. I have no idea why, but I immediately start to panic.

"W-Wait!" I automatically say, my arm in front of me, noticing just now that my hand is gripping his wrist. And tightly at that. I instantly let go. "Ano saa.."
"Hai?" He turns to me again.
"I'd really prefer you stay." I turn away, avoiding any possible eye contact.
"Yokatta~ 'Cause I think I forgot the way back to school." He laugh nervously, while I give out a chuckle, imagining where he could have went to if I let him leave.

I let him inside my secret place, nervous at how he'll react since this is the first time I'm letting someone inside something so speacial to me.

He says the exact thing I said when I went in here. "WOW." We sit down on a dry spot, eating the very few snacks I brought with me. Talking, laughing, getting to know each other a bit.

"Ne, Karina. I need to ask you something."
"Nani?" I reply casually.
"Do you want me to help you?"
"Help me with..?"
"Finding your style." He smiles at me. "Helping you on how to dress and such."
"Nah, that's embarrassing. Besides, I'll be too much work. I'll just stick to my old, tomboy style."
"I can't let that happen. You have looks. I won't let you waste them." He smiles at me again, a hint of charm added.
"Don't be silly." I giggle.
"Come on~ Give me a chance to help you. After that, we'll see everyone's reaction. And if they don't like it, you can make me do anything you want."

I think it over, weighing the possibilities, considering the consequences. Giving it much thought and consideration, I nod. He stretches his hand to me, and give it a nice, affirming shake.

"We start tomorrow after school. Meet me at the gym. Okay?" He politely asks and waits for my answer.

And after that little agreement settled, we sit back, rest a bit and plan on going back to school later. But that's later. I'll enjoy this for a while. The final bell rings and I rush to stuff my things in my locker. Someone comes up to me, peeking behind the hood I put up to cover my face.

"I see you've given up on the whole `girly` look." Katsuo, a boy from my class, comments.
"Um, yeah." I answer.
"You in a hurry?" He asks.
"Kinda. I need to go, bye." I slam my locker shut, walking right pass him and pulling my hood over more.

I can hear him faintly from behind, telling me to wait for him, but I just keep on walking, if anything, I increase my pace to create as much distance between us as possible. I hide behind trees, sneak behind dumpsters, thinking how ridiculous I must look. This ninja-ing better be worth what he has in store for me.

Finally, I arrive, him sitting on the bleachers, staring blankly into space as if watching a game in front of him that only he can see. Not even noticing that I've arrived.

"Ano.. I'm here."
"Ah." He turns to me, realizing that he has company. "Let's go." He smiles.
"Go? Go where? You never told me we were gonna 'go' anywhere." I point out.
"Didn't I? Well, I thought it'd be given that this," he gestures to the whole of the gym, "is just our meeting place."
"Oh yeah, can we have a different meeting place? This is really hard to go to without being noticed."
"Let's talk about that on the way." He grins at me, obviously hiding something.

Just when I'm about to turn around, change my mind about this nonsense he calls help, and get the hell out of here to go get some rest, he grabs my wrist. I yell here and there, but it's like he doesn't even hear me and pull me to an elegant car.

"Where are you talking me?" I clutch my arm back that was still well in his grip.
"Somewhere no one who knows you can judge you when we train." He looks out the window.
"Train? What is this, the olympics? I thought you were just gonna help me find my style?"
"Being a girl doesn't mean only changing the way you dress. It's also how you dine, how you act, and also, I can't just buy clothes for you and then when you want to go shopping again, you need to drag me along. We also need to find what style suits you." He explains.

Not that I'm dumb or anything, but it takes a while for to absorb all that he has said.

"So you're telling me that everyday, after school, we're gonna drive to some place where I don't know at all with you who I'm just getting to know?" I try to emphasize how this is incredibly risky on my side, but he just replies with a simple 'yes' like it's not a big deal.
"Well, not necessarilly everyday. You can choose what day we'll train." He turns to me, then turns back to the window.
"How about.. every Friday?" I suggest.
"Fine with me." He shrugs.

I lean back on my seat, somehow getting to the thought of how Keito's hand would feel on mine. But I immediately notice how inappropriate the idea is, so I switch, put my attention on something else.

I start wondering where we'll 'train' today. Considering I just met this guy, it seems quite hard to trust him just because he offered to help me. Though there's something about him that makes me feel like I can trust him, I just can't quite put my finger on it.

I can feel a pat on my shoulder. Realizing that I've unintentionally dazed off, I blame myself for not having a clue of where the hell we are. He walks in front of me, taking me to a fountain surrounded by blooming flowers and grass perfecrly green. I start to wonder why there are no people here. Then again, I don't want to be seen doing whatever it is he wants me to do during `training` by so many people.

"Sit." He pats the empty space next to him on the lovely, soft grass. I walk to his side, crossing my legs and eventually folding them, landing just beside him. Looking around, a breeze blows gently, removing the fear in me and just deciding to relax.

"So, what are we gonna do here?" I ask.
"I'll explain to you what exactly it is we're gonna do." He answers. "I can't just choose some clothes for you and then leave you for you to decide whatever you want to do next. Moving on from your tomboy phase isn't just about clothing. Dining, walking, talking. How you move, how you answer to questions, there's more to it than just..changing a set of clothes."

He stops there, rising up and leaving me surprised by what he just said. I didn't know he was this serious about this. Maybe even more serious than me.

"See that beam there?" He points out into the distance. I squint, seeing a beam gymnasts usually use. It's so out in the open, I wonder why I failed to notice it in the first place. "It's perfect to teach you how to walk like a proper lady. Where to place your foot after the other, or else you'll fall off. And, you'll be doing it with those books on your head." He points to the bottom left of the beam, where two thick and quite large books settle.

I heave out a sigh, but eventually replacing the lost air with the fresh air in this place.

"Gambarimasu!" I exclaim as we walk to the beam a few feet from where we stand.

Once we get there, I see that the beam is higher than I thought it was from afar. Surely, falling from it wouldn't, at all, be pleasant. And without any foams whatsoever to cushion my fall, I'm getting more and more scared.

"Don't worry, I'll catch you. Just try your best for that not to be necessary." He laughs, turning to me with a charming smile poised on his face.

He assists me up, waiting for me to stand upright before he takes a few steps back. He eyes me from head to toe and hands over the pile of books.

"Do you think you can do it?" He raises an eyebrow, more than happy to assist me down than to have me hurt.
"I can do it. Don't worry."

I wear my game face, the look I display when I'm dead serious. I put one foot forward, looking down and making sure I step in the middle part.

"Chin up!" Keito scolds. I scowl at him. Wondering how that's even possible without falling off. But he sticks to what he said and expects me to do it. I shake my head, making it a point to remember this remember and get back at him if I fall off, and wanting to get back at him even if I don't fall off.

I look straight. More than a little afraid to advance from here on. But I hear him groan, so I take a step forward with my whole body quivering. I heave out a sigh of relief when I don't find myself on the ground after that step. I take another, feeling no less afraid than before even though it turned out better than expected.

Another step and I'm still on the beam. A strong gush of wind blows, making me turn and cringe. Turns out that's all it takes to throw me off the beam. Not some wrong step, not fatigue, just a strong wind the blew unexpectedly.

It's like everything's in slow motion. Me falling from the high beam, Keito rushing and aiming to catch me. Speed kicks in when he catches me in his arms and we both land on the grassy ground. He groans a bit, while I try to see if no part of me is broken. Luckily, I remain uninjured.

I look up a bit, seeing that I'm on top of him. Palm to palm, chest to chest, face to face. I can say it's more than a little awkward. I move away, fixing my hair and neatening up my clothes.

"Thank you for catching me." I mutter.
"It would have been my fault if you fell. I took you here, I can't afford you getting hurt." He mumbles.

I nod to myself, seeing his point and logic. Seeing that there's no true concern in his actions and just decide to shake off the idea I had earlier. He makes me try once more. I'm able to walk to the end of the beam and turn. I walk to the other side once more. After that's done, he let's me down.

"That's enough for today. I'll see you next week." He leads me to the car, where I get a short, well- deserved nap. When I wake up, we're already at the front of my house. He opens the door for me, telling me to rest and not to cram so that I'll have time to train next weekend. I nod and go inside, seeing him off and going up to my room to sleep until Sunday.

An entire week seems to pass by so quickly. I already find myself being escorted into his car once more. Feeling the leather cover of it against my skin. Keito sits beside me, his arm brushing up against mine. The slight touch of my skin makes him pull away.

"So, any life-threatening training today?" I ask.
"No. Today, I'm going to teach you how to eat." He turns from the window to me, and then back at the window.
"You're going to teach me how to.. `eat`?" I repeat. He nods slightly. "Well, I think I'll like this session."

We arrive at a restaurant quite remote. I'm thinking the owner of this restaurant is a friend of his parents. I'm not so sure. I mean, I know he's famous and all, but I'm not so sure how rich he is.

He opens the door before me, gesturing his hand for me to go inside. Just what a proper gentleman would do. I walk inside, not being able to avoid looking at the place. The inside is very spacious, a chandelier hangs from the middle of the ceiling. The floor is made of fine, varnished wood, the same material that composes the ceiling. All the tables that fill the place are round, covered in white table cloth that is as white as snow. The chairs that surround it are light pink, the seat elegantly designed. The base of the seat is curving concavely, the back part of the seat seems as if it is dripping like a melted popsicle stick. On the table are plates that are white and made of wonderful ceramic, with edges lined with gold lines. The eating utensils are embedded with tiny little curves.The whole place amazes me. I'm caught in the moment that Keito needs to pull me to our table. We arrive at our table, seeing Keito's chair completely normal. While mine..

"Ano saa.. Why does mine have ropes?" I ask.
"Ah. We'll tie those accross your shoulders. That way, you'll maintain the proper posture while eating." He explains.
"What the-- so much for the fun session I thought this was gonna be." I shake my head and hear a chuckle from behind me, obviously coming from him.

I sit down on the wonderful and surprisingly comfortable chair. Chairs that are complex and look differently usually aren't comfy. I straighten my back as commanded by him. He wraps the ropes just above my chest.

As expectedly, I can't eat like how I usually do. I can't slouch, I can't lean forward, I'm glad I could even reach the eating utensils. Leaning back (it's not like I have any other choice though), Keito sits across the table, grabbing his spoon and fork like how a refined man would do. And here I am struggling to get just a little bit of meat into my mouth.

"This is hard." I groan.
"Doesn't seem to stop all the other people that eat that way." He shrugs, sending me to the edge.
"Is this really necessary?" I whine, wanting this to be over.
"Yes." He retorts. I puff my cheeks at him, shooting him a look that doesn't seem to affect him at all.
"It makes me wonder why you even bother to do this for me even though I act so meanly to you."

That's when I know something's up. He pauses from eating, but he doesn't make any eye contact. He looks around, but after that brief moment, he returns to his food like I didn't ask anything.

Could it be? Or maybe I'm just being paranoid? No, being paranoid and having one of those feelings isn't the same. They have their similarities, but they're not the same. I can't afford to have a guy in my life. Not again. I can't risk my heart being hurt once more.

I look from the floor I didn't notice I was staring at in the first place. I'm finally (and surprisingly) able to finish up the food that was once before me. He claps three times, a sign of pride, but it only seems like mockery to me. I roll my eyes at him while he continues his big round of applause.

"Can you just get me out of this thing?!" I yell while struggling against the ropes. He laughs aloud, the first time I've seen him do so. His pearly white teeth showing, his grin seeming to reach until his ears, his eyes almost nonexistent, and his entire being lighting up like never before.

For a moment, a get a feeling in my tummy like it's filled with butterflies. And I realize why I'm feeling so, and put my attention on something else. He stops laughing and unties me, shifting my shoulders up and down to relax them.

He leads me to the car just outside the restaurant. He goes back inside, thanks the owner with a bow and returns to the car outside. Putting one foot in and eventually followed by his whole body. He sits beside me once more, sighing out loud and turning to me.

"I'll pick you up next week again. Same time." He nods to me, waiting for my approval.
"Why do you even put so much effort on me even though I seem so hopeless?" The question was rhetorical, but I wait for an answer anyway. He shifts his attention to the window again. He opens it, the glass sliding down and letting the breeze in.

The wind blows harder as we gain speed. He heaves in a big breath, being sure to get a share of the fresh oxygen. I turn to him, just in time to see the sunlight hit his face perfectly and the breeze to blow his hair back; the moment when girls fall for him.

But I'm different. I turn away, not wanting to take this feeling any further, not wanting to encourage it at all. I try to erase that scene, the one I just saw and probably embedded itself to my brain the moment I saw it. But I still make effort to forget it anyway.

We arrive at my house in no time. I go up to my room, get some rest, and pray that the pain I felt when that jerk replaced me wouldn't be present again any time soon because of Keito.

Friday came sooner than I hoped it would have. And I'm so tired of all this `training` when I know I'm completely hopeless. By the end of last period, I grab my bag and rush to my special place. The one Keito tried so hard to get to by following me. Now that he's out of sight, I know I won't be followed.

I arrive there, making great time. Still no Keito in sight. A part of me feels disappointed that he's not here with me. But a bigger part of me is rejoicing that I won't have to go to that stupid training.

I pull open the doors that hide my own little paradise behind them. To my surprise, a figure is sitting at the corner of the room. It's too far and too many plants are in the way, so I can't quite see who it is. I walk towards him--or her-- with caution, careful not to alarm him--or her. The person turns to me, making me flinch a bit. It gets up, the light shining on his face, enough for me to see who this is.

"How did you even get here? Last time you were here, you had to follow me." I say to Keito.
"I have a great sense of direction and a sharp memory." He wiggles his eyebrows up and down. I laugh lightly, not being able to hold back my laugh. "Were you planning on escaping today?"
"Actually," I walk towards him, "I was. There's no changing me, Keito. I'm hopeless." I shrug casually.
"Why do you think I work so hard for you if I knew you were hopeless?" He answers.

I really can't say anything to his logic. Right now, I'm dumbfound. I've never burdened anyone this much, never felt anyone care so much for me. Last time I felt it, it didn't last as long as I wanted it to. I start choking back a sob, tilting my head backwards to take back the tears.

"Come on, let's go to the car." He grabs my arm and hooks it around his. He assists my head and leans it to his shoulder, letting me wet it with tears and he doesn't care.

He opens the car door for me. I step in and he sits close beside me. The doors all make a flicking sound at once, the driver closing it all at once with the central lock of the car. Keito puts his arm behind me and over my shoulders, assisting my head once more and leaning it onto his shoulder.

Sobbing to myself, I tire myself out and doze off. When I wake up, we're at a private clothes store inwho knows where. I raise my head, browsing the place when Keito notices I'm up and about.

"Ah, are you okay now?" He asks worriedly. I nod faintly, not wanting to make it clear that I'm okay because, I am in fact, not. The doors unlock and he takes me outside and into the store full of different types of clothes with different kinds of styles.

Black, ripped kind of dress for the punk rock style. A radiant, turquoise cocktail dress for the sweet kind of girl. Big hairdress designed with feathers for the high-fashion style.

Keito hands me a few dresses from the different styles I just described. Pushing me into the changing room, I try the black lolita with the matching black headdress. Slipping on the black flats that are part of the whole thing, realizing it's the only thing I like. I step out of the dressing room once the outfit is complete. Keito eyes me from head to toe, and shaking his head after. I agree with him. So I step back in, picking another.

I pick the sheek, yellow dress that's until my knees. It hugs my body tightly, making me struggle a bit to put it on. It comes with a yellow hat that's only as big as my palm. Carefully trying to stand in the four inch heels that suit the dress, I almost fall once or twice. After putting it all on me, I unlock the door and spin a bit to show the whole thing to Keito. He scans how it looks on me, and shakes his head once more. Again, I'm relieved. I don't like this style.

I try the puffy, pink and cream lolita next. The whole thing is such a burden to wear, and it feels very heavy. I fix all the ruffles and put on the headdress that occupies the whole of my head. The shoes that come along with this are four inched, have one big lace on each shoe and are highly uncomfortable in my opinion. Grabbing the umbrella beside me that goes with the outfit, I unlock the door and show once more this out fit to Keito. He raises his eyebrow, showing his favor for the dress.

"Can you walk?" He rubs his chin.

I take a step forward, my ankle twisting in a way I never knew possible. He catches me in mid-air, helping me get up and making me sit on the little chairs provided. He sighs and shakes his head,mheading to the rack of clothes at my left.

"Go in there and take that off. I'll hand you something in a minute." He orders.

Taking off the terribly high heels, I obediently do what he says. After taking of the gigantic dress that I've come to hate, I stay in the room with only my undies on. I look at the mirror in front me, feeling hopeless yet again. So many styles and I'm still a failure with them.

Cloth covers my sight and I immediately remove it from my face and listen to what Keito says. He tells me to try it on. After I've removed the dress from my face, I see the whole design of it. It's quite simple, just my type.

Wearing it on, I slowly see the whole thing, how elegant it is and how it suits me just well. The color of the dress is carnation pink, but it's somehow light. The chest is covered with lightly colored jewels that are arranged in a way so simple yet so elegant. The back is covered with laces that are black in color and cross each other's paths. The edges are a bit darker than the front of the dress, but they outline my figure exquisitely. The flats are the ones I love the most. They're of the same style with the dress. The edges of the shoes that are near the hole where I slip my feet in. It emphasizes the color perfectly.

I walk out of the dressing room, seeing Keito on the couch reading a magazine. He puts his magazine down and shifts his attention to me. His eyes widen at the sight of me, causing me to turn bright red. He makes a spiral with his finger, telling me to turn. And so I do. He stands up and applauds.

"That's it." He grins, happy that we found it. We find more with the same style, buying a total of five dresses. All paid by him.

"Ano, I promise to pay you back. The money and the effort." I say shyly.
"Don't worry about it. It was my own will to spend this money on you. We'll see how the people will react to the new you, okay? Monday. But tomorrow, let's just go out. Like a day off for you." He asks my affirmation, nodding to me.

Boy, I owe him a lot. It's the least I can do. But I won't let this get to me, I won't think this is a date. Just a meal with him to let him know how much I appreciate his efforts. He takes me home, wanting me to get rest. He reminds me once more how we succeeded because

I didn't give up. I smile at him, a simple thank you for not giving up on me. Handing over the bags filled with the clothes he bought for me, he turns and heads for the car.

"M-Matte!" For some reason, I call out.
"Hm?" He says after he turns.
"Honto..Honto arigatou!" I bow in front of him. I feel weight on my shoulders, pulling me upward.

My head raises up and I see Keito hand on my shoulder, pulling me to him and wrapping me into his arms for a short moment. But it felt like I wanted it to last forever.

"It's nothing." He whispers in my ear. He pulls away, a smile still etched on his face while a pout is fixed on mine. I wish it could've lasted longer.. The car pulls out of the driveway, but giving Keito enough time to roll down the window and wink at me, mouthing a "jaa ne" as the car moves forward.

When I climb up the steps, I can feel my heart beat faster. Getting a grip on the doorknob is even a difficult task. Tyring to get into my PJs, I can feel my hands shaking. I'm not even myself right now.

After lying in bed, placing a pillow over my chest with my arms wrapped around it, I could actually see the pillow moving along with the beat of my heart.

My mind buzzes with thoughts, doubts, expectations, fears..things that might happen tomorrow with Keito. And what's weird is, I don't even want to think about him. I don't why I'm even thinking about him. I shouldn't be.

I start imagining of stuff that I want tof happen tomorrow. Long talks. Joyfully eating. Slowly kissing. And I get mad at myself for even daring to think about the last one. Gradually, I drift to sleep.

The next day, I remember Keito telling me to prepare myself before lunch. I pick the black little dress with a hit of mint green in the middle that emphasizes the chest part. I fix my hair in a half pony with my bangs cilpped at the side. Powdering my face, I wonder if this is good enough for him. I want to try another dress, but then I hear the honking of his car out my window. I look at the mirror one last time, telling myself to be satisfied with this look.

While opening the door, I grab my pouch and head downstairs, slipping my flats that are black in color with a large sparkling faux diamond in the middle. It's sparkles when hit by the light, causing me to smile and head to the door with courage.

Keito stands outside the car, looking at the sky. After hearing the click of the door, he shifts his attention to me. The second his eyes focus on me, they widen and, I don't know if it's just me, but I think he turned a bit red.

"You--" His voice breaks. Clearing his throat, he starts again. "You look pretty."
"Arigatou." I smile at him while the color of his face brightens.
"Shall we?" He holds out his hand and opens the car door.
"We shall." I grin at him, taking hold of his hand and stepping inside the automobile.

The car accelerates and we're off to the highway. We make small talk on the way, a few compliments here and there. And a good luck for tomorrow, the day I'll show everyone the different me.

We arrive at the restaurant, seeing the tables beautifully set. Seats with cushions as soft as clouds. The silverware sparkling and the plates completely clean. The waiter pulls the chair and lets me sit, Keito sitting on his own. The menus are laid before us and we choose the ones we favor.

After the menus are taken, we chat a bit until the conversation leads up to me thanking him once

again for everything he's done for me.

"Seriously, you helped me a lot. Clothes, walk, talk, even dining manners. And now you're treating me to lunch." I say.
"I didn't want your potential to this," he gestures to all of me, "go to waste."
"That's it? People would have just ignored me."

He takes a deep breath, as if preparing himself for something. He tilts his head until he's facing the ceiling. I pretend not to notice his nervousness. Making eye contact and then deciding to look away, as if he's weighing consequences to what it is he's what to do. He look at me directly in the eyes with a burning intensity, my heart starts to pound.

"Remember how you always asked me why I helped you even though you said you were hopeless, which I still don't believe until now."
"Yes. And I'm glad you did. Why?" I reply, growing even more nervous after that said.
"I always said I didn't want your potential to go to waste, and I do, but it's more than that." He looks away.
"Then what?" I lean forward, drawn more and more as the conversation goes on.
"This may change the way we are towards each other now, but I'm willing to take the risk. I know there's a big chance you might not feel the same, but I think, no, scratch that, I know I love you."

I swallow hard, rendered speechless by his confession. Especially because I didn't expect it at all. But now that I look at it all again, I guess it did seem pretty obvious. I guess I'm just too dense.

"So.. before you confessed to me.. you changed me first?" I ask. "You changed me into who I am now so that you won't be embarrassed to be seen with me?"
"No! No, absolutely not!" He denies.
"Then why did you help me?"
"Because I saw how hurt you were when people made fun of you. I pitied you so much. I never

wanted to see you cry." He explains.
"But.. If I weren't like this, would you still like me? If I chose to be who I was before, would you still

be seen with me?" I say harshly.
"I never changed you. I just helped you find who you were always meant to be--"
"Answer the question." I interrupt.
"Of course I would want to be with you. Every single moment of the day, if it's possible, I'll be with you."

I want to believe everything he's saying, but for some reason, I can't. It seems so easy to believe, but I can't.

"Please say something." He pouts at me, wanting to here more than my silence.
"I don't know what to say."
"Just say what you're thinking right now." He smiles with a hint of sadness in his tone that's easy to miss. I fill my lungs with oxygen and start to speak.
"I'm scared. I like you, no joke. But I'm scared."
"You don't have to be."
"Actually, I do." I pick up my napkin from my lap and wipe my lips. "I'm sorry. I can't afford to get hurt again."

I get up from my seat and bow, walking away without another word. I can hear him call out my name. I can feel everyone staring at me. I know the doorman is wondering why all this is happening. But right now, I don't care.

Even though the doorman is clearly confused, he holds the door open for me anyway. I walk faster, trying to make as much space between me and Keito who's still trying to catch up with me from behind. When I call a cab, he's about three feet away from me. Far enough for me to jump into the cab and drive on home.

He manages to slam into my door, knocking like mad on the window, begging me to stay and talk. At the moment, I just want to hide myself, turn into a ball surrounded by unwanted guilt and disappear. My eyes fill with tears as the cab drives off, leaving him there. How cruel of me, but there was nothing I could do.

The next day came so quick. It was the day to show everyone what Keito had turned me into. I pick the dress Keito first made me try on. The pink dress with the red outline along with the same shoes.

Arriving at school was nerve-wrecking, but apparently worth it. Everyone stared at me, and in a good way. More than once, people have come up to me, complimenting my look, my style, even my hair which I just let loose and clipped at the side.

Sachi, Mai and Mira walk rushedly towards me, eyes wide and teeth showing because of their large grins.

"Now that is an amazing transformation!" Mai exclaims.
"Girl, the person who helped you must've been a miracel worker." Sachi says.
"Not that you looked all that bad but, still!" Mira says. I can't help but laugh at what they just said. But all my joy disappears when they ask for the name of my so-called miracle worker. My mind buzzes with thoughts, and most of them are how much I miss Keito, even though I'm not supposed to.

"Hey! Are you even listening?" Sachi snaps, running out of patience.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I was thinking. What were you saying?" I ask, making her shoot a look at me and roll her eyes.
"Are you okay?" Mai asks worriedly.
"Y-Yeah. Why wouldn't I be?" I say, trying to sound confident and strong, but my voice betrays me and cracks.
"We're not stupid. What's going on?" Mira says, wanting me to just spill it out.

As my friends, I should know that they would understand me more than anyone. They know me better than I know myself. I feel stupid for wanting to keep my feelings from their knowledge. I take a deep breath, I look at them, waiting patiently for me to speak.

I tell them everything that happened. From start to finish, with every single detail etched to my brain. How I felt during that moment, what I thought at the time, everything I regretted feeling. Everything. When I finish, I start crying, not knowing why, I just do.

Mai wraps her arms around me, trying to calm me down. The very thing I love about them. No matter how much I screw up, they always seem to be there for me. Always seem to know just what to do with me. Just like Keito.

"There's obviously something special that you feel for him. So, my question is: Why try to hold it back?" Mira asks, clearly confused, same as me.
"I know." Mai says with a gentle look on her face, knowing exactly why. "It's because of that boyfriend you had before."
"Oh, the jerk that cheated on her when she was completely head over heels for him." Sachi brutally points out.
"Yes, that." Mai confirms. "What was that bastard's namr again? Ne--Ni.. Nishino?" She turns to me.
"Yes." I answer.

Mira looks at me, not able to believe I'm still hung up on that. She takes a deep breath, preparing herself to give me one of her big speeches that I'm always scared of. It's because her words are always so brutal and accurate, it's like a punch in the gut.

"How did you feel when you found out Nishino was cheating on you?" She starts off.
"Hurt." I retort.
"Hurt. And after that, how did you feel towards every guy you know you like?"
"Now, let me ask you something. Are all guys the same?"
"Wrong answer. Don't you see how much Keito loves you? Don't you see that no matter how much people made fun of you, no matter how hard it was for him, he never gave up on you? Guys like that, these days, are hard to find. And you're lucky enough that he was the one who found you. You may have been hurt in the past, but that's no reason to bring your problems before in the present. You're scared, I know that. But maybe he's the guy to make you realize that there's nothing to be scared of. What happened with Nishino.. you were just with the wrong guy at the wrong time."

I take a while to absorb what she said. And I can't help but know that it was my fault. I trusted Nishino too fast. Because of that, I may lose what's in front of me now. The boy that took care of me when no one else will. The person who wanted to help me so much because he wanted me to notice him. And I can't bear to think how stupid I've been that I collapse. I break into tears and make a squeaking noise because of my crying.

They try to calm me down, pat my back here and there. But I can't handle how nice they've been and how wrong I still am until now that I run. Run from it all and to the place I know I can be alone.

Even though I want everyone to see how I am now, how I've changed, I just wanna run from them and into my own little world.

Through the familiar trees, lamp posts, garbage cans and stores, I finally get to where I want to be. I practically rip off the door in my rushing and need to be inside, surrounded by the sunlight, the fresh oxygen supplied by the plants and the deafening silence.

I see a little figure at the end of the room, a figure very familiar yet still foreign to me. I come closer, slowly walking toward it as to not alarm it. It turns to me, causing me to flinch but continuing to move forward.

It stands up, revealing to me that it was Keito.

"Why are you here?" He asks me, making my eyes widen in shock.
"I think I should be asking you that." I point out. He eyes me from head to toe, smiling and shaking his head.
"How'd everyone react?" He nods to my outfit.
"They asked who my miracle worker was." I grin, both of us chuckling at the choice of words.
"I'm glad they liked it." He smiles to himself, finding the right words to say next.

I cluck my tongue to my cheek, wanting to say more, but still thinking of how to respond. I turn to him, trying to be the one and say something first.

"Listen," I start out, "I found out why.. why I can't love you back."
"H-huh? Then, why?" He answers, obviously not enjoying this.

I wet my lips a bit, finding the right words to start with, but they won't come. I have a thought that maybe it's not meant to be said, but I have to do this. I can't bear to leave him without a reason.

"I-- Back then I-- Look, I don't know how to say this, so let me say it straight. Guys haven't been good to me. And I'm afraid."
"You didn't say it straight at all." He cuts in.
"I mean.." I shake my head and look down. Starting over once again. "Like I said, guys haven't been good to me. And there's this specific guy who made me think that way."
"So a guy dumped you, huh? Or possibly broke up with you." He guesses.
"Actually, worse. He cheated on me with my grade school best friend." I shrug. "It's why I started dressing that way, to stay away from boys."

His head snaps to my direction, his eyes widening in a way that looks awkward on his face because his eyes are usually just little slits. I curl up my lips, wanting him to know that I'm not lying.

"Do you think I'll do that to you?"
"I'm not saying that! But when he cheated on me, I always thought he'd never do such a thing! And there I caught him kissing a girl in the park!" I yell, not expecting to just let it all out like that. But it's been done. He doesn't react beyong swallowing hard and still looking at me.
"Do you think I'll make you cry like how he did to you? After all I'm doing for you, do you think I'll hurt you just like that?" He says, his face hard to read.
"I.. I don't know." I shake my head, looking down at my feet. I don't know what to think anymore, I don't know how to feel.

I can feel my eyes starting to fill with tears. I close them shut, not wanting them to fall, but my eyelids can't block them. Trailing down my cheeks, my breath starts to come short and I pant for air. Involuntarily making those squeaky sounds, trying to get all the emotions out.

I can feel something warm wrap around my shoulder. And the warmth eventually slinks down my waist, sending shivers down my spine. I open my eyes, seeing Keito's body materialize in front of me, realizing it was his arms that sent the warmth I feel now.

He rests his chin on my shoulder, whispering comforting words into my ear. My breathing goes back to normal. Tears cease to fall. My heart has calmed down. Maybe I do need him. He looks at me, moving back to get a look at me but still quite near. His arms remain around me.

"You okay?" He asks worriedly. I nod a bit, worn out because of all the crying. I feel like collapsing in his arms right at this moment.

He moves quickly, his face nearning mine. Until.. Until.. Until his lips are pressed against mine. He bites on my lips a bit, nibbling on it, making my skin tingle in a good way. His arms push me towards him while his other hand at the back of my head, pushing him to me more. I can feel his tongue slither down my lips, wanting to come in. I make the smallest space between my teeth, soon widened my his tongue. It travels inside my mouth, trailing my teeth and tasting my tongue. He pushes forward, his hand still pushing forward. It continues to explore my mouth, while I make my tongue circle his.

I pull back, snapping into reality once again and surprised I did that. His lips come near my ear, nipping at its lobe and breathing on it slightly, making me shiver a bit.

"I'll answer my question for you. I won't hurt you." And when his lips leave my ear, they return back to my lips.

Apr. 16th, 2012


Stay with me [9: Final]

Title: Stay with me
Chapter: 9, Final
Pairing: Okamoto Keito x OC (Akimoto Chiaki)
Author: NAYAMI~ :3
Rating: General
Genre: Romance
Narration is based on Keito's point of view.
  Ahh gomen ne, I planned to post this earlier but I got busy. Requests kinda piled up and, yeah :D Well, it's here now! I hope you guys like it. Sorry if all the previous chapters were short ne. And again, I apologize for any typos. Douzo!

Another morning of screaming my head off, waking up to find myself away from the dreadful scene. Another recreated moment by my imagination.

My dream consists of the moment when me and Nikki kissed in that corner of the school where no one saw us. Chiaki came to the scene, my face turning completely pale, bloodless in shock. Nikki walks to her side, both of them pushing me to the ground and staring me down.

A few cruel, merciless words leave their lips.


I don't even want to remember half of it. Chiaki scoffs at me, calling me pathetic before she leaves. And Nikki throws the sandwich in my face, leaving me a mayo-ham mess.

That's when I start running. Running away from everything. Once I arrive at a Sakura tree somewhere I don't know, I hug my knees, bury my face and start crying aloud. Then I wake up.

The clock on my beside table reveals that it's only 5:30 in the morning. Only four hours of sleep since I had an anxiety attack last night, not letting me sleep until around 1:00 midnight.

Walking downstairs, finding myself alone in the almost completely dark kitchen. Since I know I won't be able to get any sleep, I switch open the TV. I hate it when it's too quiet, I feel ever more lonely.

The show is very unfamiliar, particularly because I don't watch TV this early in the morning. The show is dorama, about a girl constantly ignored by his best friend whom she has loved since grade school. It seems a bit cliche, but it somehow touches me in a way.

I want her life. She may not be noticed yet, still, we all know in the end that that kind of effort will be recognized in the end. Even though we all know it will end that way, that kind of happy ending seems to give us all hope. It gives us hope that we all have someone destined for us.

And that's when it hit me. I bolt up, standing straight on my feet, knowing what to do with the guilt I'm suffering from right now. It may be too early to do it, so I just do something to make time pass.

18 eggs, 9 bacon strips and some rosemary in the middle of each plate. A couple of toasted bread and 9 glasses of juice have been prepared before I take my warm shower. Wearing a scarf to block the bitter cold in the early morning and pants until my ankles.

After lacing my shoes, I take my time to write a little note in the middle of the dining table so they won't worry.

I'll be back in after a while. Just need to right a wrong.


Even though it's early in the morning, many people are already on the street, rushing to wherever they need to go to. While I have own business to take care of.

I know very well she's an early-riser. She's the one to wake me up when we had school. That's why I'm confident that she's wide awake by now, even though I'm still struggling to stay awake while walking.

I manage to get her house well awake. I take a moment to take a deep breath, clear my mind and calm myself. Climbing up her doorstep, I ring the doorbell twice. Finding a surprised yet somehow relaxed Nikki at the door.

"Hey." She casually greets.
"Hey." I raise my hand up as if to wave and immediately bring it back to my side.
"What cha doing up so early?" She leans by the door and crosses her arms in front of her chest.
"Trying to set something right." I answer.
"And what is that?" She asks.
"Can we take a walk for a moment?"
"Kinda in a robe right now. Not really the outfit for a walk." She shoots back with her arms displaying the proof. I let out a light chuckle.
"Well, would you mind sitting on these steps and have a talk with me?" I suggest.

She doesn't answer back, but walks closer to me, sitting down on the third step of the five steps in front of her door. Her head turns to me, revealing a familiar face that I'm so comfortable seeing, yet not wanting to take it for granted for all its owner has done for me.

"I want you to listen well, okay?" She gives a sincere nod, shifting a bit to give her full attention to me while I continue. "You know you're my best friend. And you know I love you, too. But I might not be able to love you in the same way that you've loved me all this time. I was hurt that time. And I think I might have taken you for granted. You were always there for me. Always by my side when I needed you. That day when we kissed.. I never meant for it to happen. Bottom line is, I don't want you to get stuck with me. You love me, yeah, and I'm pretty sure you understand that I love someone else. I don't want you to continue on loving me in the way that you have. I want you to be happy, like how you've always wanted me to be. And the happiness you always wanted in a guy..I know you can't get it from me. I know that there's someone else for you and someone else for me. Someone else can make you happier than you were with me."

After my speech, she turns away for a while. Processing all that I said. And let's face it, I said a LOT. A tear runs down her cheek, but I don't panic. Sometimes, when thoughts overflow, emotions do, too. And the tears follow shortly.

Again, she turns to me. Eyes clear from tears which makes me feel better. She clears her throat and is ready to speak.

"You really are my best friend." She chuckles a bit and continues. "You took the time to tell me that. Thank you."
"Hey, it's what best friends do."
"So, we're still best friends even after that little speech of yours, right?"
"Oh, absolutely." I laugh heartily.
"Good." She sighs, but not of hesitation or depression. It's a sigh of relief.

She gets up from, removing the dust from her robe and looks at me.

"I better get inside. It's cold out here." She warms up her arms and climbs up the remaining steps.
"Of course. I'll get going, too. Take care."

She turns the knob of the door, entering the house. When she's about to close it, she calls out my name.

"I know there's someone for me out there. But no one can compare to the happiness I felt when I was with my best friend. Thanks again."

I don't answer back. I just smile at her, her returning the smile. That's how best friends communicate. It's as if we know just what each other's thinking.

The door closes and I walk home, happy to be rid of the guilt and pain I carried in my chest just a few minutes ago. I'm pretty sure my aura now is a light yellow, meaning optimism and hopefulness, with a slight touch of soft blue for peacefulness.

Continuing to stroll happily all by myself, I pass by my favorite store and by myself a few shirts and whatnot. I always give myself a little treat whenever I feel like I've done something nice.

"Ohayo, Okamoto-san. Buying clothes so early in the morning?" The woman standing by the door says. I'm a regular here. Like I said, favorite store. The employees are already used to seeing me.
"I had to go somewhere and figured giving myself a little treat." I smile.
"Well, there are new arrivals that we just displayed this morning. You came on the right day." She grins at me, always showing that wonderful personality, another reason I love this place. The salesladies are always so nice and cheerful.

She leads me to the racks where all the new arrivals are hung neatly. I take some of my few favorite designs, some that seem new and would be great to try out.

After fitting a few, I managed to take home three new polo shirts and a pair of black pants. I walk to the cashier, lugging the clothes I liked. Placing them down, I take out my wallet, ready to pay.

"Ah, you have good fashion sense." The cashier compliments.
"Thank you." I casually reply.
"You know, they brought in a few things along with the new arrivals. And one this light blue polo here?" She lifts up the shirt slightly and turns to me again, "It means you get a good lucky charm."

She brings out a flat, lidless case of bracelets and necklaces for me to choose from. A charm bracelet immediately catches my attention. I pick it up to find its charms quite girly, yet very interesting.

"You have chosen the love charm bracelet. Having any problems with love lately?" She asks as she takes the bracelet from my hands.
"Kinda. I hope that brings me luck."
"It certainly does." She smiles confidently at me.

"See this?" She points to the heart with an arrow. "It's sign of cupid. It's often a baby with an arrow, but this shows a heart who is already in-love. You will capture the heart of your lover. Now this," she lifts the little harp, "this is the sign of love in the form of music. Music is the way you and your love communicate. It's a sign of good luck in your communication. That way, there will be no misunderstandings." For some reason, Chiaki's lullaby plays in my mind, how she sang to me when I couldn't sleep..it was paradise. "This.." she points to the tiny little lovebirds with their beaks meeting, almost as if they were kissing. "They symbolize loyalty and fidelity. They will keep you and your partner together for better or for worse. They also say that who a bird chooses, they want that bird to be their partner for life. Same goes for some humans. And I hope the same goes for you and her." The moment she said 'her,' Chiaki popped into my mind. "This charm, this little tulip here?" She lifts the charm, the last of all the bracelets. "Some would put a rose in their charm bracelets. But in truth, the red tulip is the symbol of everlasting love. You and your partner will have love that never dies. So, take care of this."

She wraps the bracelet around my wrist, looking as if it was meant to be there the entire time.

"Ganbatte." She smiles at me, giving me more courage than I ever had.

I walk out the store, all my stuff in this paper bag I hold in one hand, while I keep on staring at the charm bracelet on my left.

My amazing mood suddenly ruined when I bump into a couple.. Chiaki and Haruki. The two of them chatting happily together, obviously too into the conversation to notice my presence. The site of their hands together and their fingers entwined, their faces blooming with happiness because of each other's presence.

It's just enough to ruin my good mood. Destroying it, crushing it, annihilating it, obliterating it, it's as if it never existed. The grins gets wiped from their faces as Haruki tugs on Chiaki's arm, telling her to get a move on and to just leave me. I turn, avoiding eye contact with the both of them and walking home myself.

Their laughs echo in my head, mocking me. But I try to shake it off, reminding myself with the exact words I said to Chiaki before I made her leave for our sake. Telling her to act like he's all she needs, convincing myself that what I just saw is exactly what I asked her to do.

Deep in thought, I arrive home. Opening the door to find everyone already up and busy doing their own business.

"Tadaima." I say while removing my shoes and leaving them in front of the door.
"Okaeri. Where'd you go?" Yuto says, with everyone's attention already on me.
"Just needed to buy a few stuff." I raise my paper bag and smile.

They seem convinced, shifting their attention from me to what they did before I came. About to dash to my room when I hear the phone ring and of them, I don't know who, saying it's Johnny-san.

He greets us all a good morning while we greet him back happily. He starts with the usual asking us how we've been in the house.

"Ano saa, Johnny-san, I have something to confess." I say out of the blue while everyone suddenly turns to me. I figure, why not, it's as good as over now. So, why not.
"Yes?" He retorts casually.
"Well, it may have been against the rules, but me and Chiaki had a romantic relationship with each other. But, it's all over now! I mean, we realized that what we did was wrong, and we knew very well we were disobeying the rules. I just thought it's be best for you to know." I finish with a sigh of relief.
"Ehhhhh? What do you mean it's over now?"

I'm stunned and in silence, not knowing how to respond to his response.

"H-Ha?" I finally say.
"I mean, yeah you broke the rules, but I always thought that rule applied when my talent's girlfriend was someone he just found off the street. Chiaki's a girl I trust as much as I trust you boys, and plus, I know her parents very well. And I kinda noticed there was a little spark between you two, so I probably expected it." He proudly says.

I may not see it, but I'm guessing my eyes are as wide as they'll ever get, my jaw dropping to the ground, and my face the symbol of extreme happiness.

Johnny-san says his good bye, saying he just wanted to check up on us, and hanging up the phone to continue his work.

I'm still as shocked as ever when he hangs up, dumbfound because of what I just heard.

"I-I-I gotta find her! I need her to know! I need to get to her!" I finally break.
"Where is she? Do you even know where Haruki's house is?" Yamada asks.
"No idea. I need to ask some of Chiaki's friends."

A flashback plays in my mind, playing the scene of the day I took Chiaki to school, seeing one of her best friends that lives near the school and inviting her to walk along with us.

"Minami!" I yell.
"Mina-who?" Ryutaro repeats, well repeats half of it.
"Her friend that lives near their school. I know where her house is. I've seen her a few times with Chiaki whenever she went to Haruki's house." Once it's out, I realize that I just came up with a plan.
"Well, what are you waiting for!? Go! Go!" Chinen hurries while everyone tells me to hurry up soon after.

I bolt out the door, mapping out the quickest ways me and Chiaki took to get to her school. On the way there, all I worried about was to not get hit by the cars that were in as much of a hurry as me.

After what seems like forever, I arrive in front of her door, panting, fighting to catch my breath, leaving Minami wondering why I'm such a mess.

"Keito, doshite?" She asks worriedly as she pats my back. I'm quick to wave it away and get to the point.
"C-Can you take me to Haruki's house? I need to get Chiaki back." I continue to pant.

She turns around, calling out to her mom, telling her that she just needs to go to a friend's house and she'll hurry back soon. Her mom agrees, Minami grabbing her coat from the coat rack beside the door. She shuts the front door and walks to my side.

"Why? What's wrong?" She asks while fixing her coat.
"I'll explain on the way."

We walk faster than usual, me emphasizing how important it is right now to hurry as much as we can. I tell her everything. Starting with how J.E. talents have a strict rule to follow that we cannot have a girlfriend but still going along with my feelings for Chiaki, Haruki taking her away, Johnny-san's call this morning, which leads up to us hurrying right now.

We get to Haruki's home through the sea of people. The doorbell rings twice and a woman in her late forties answers the door, resembling Haruki in one way or two. Obviously, this is his mother in front of me.

"May I help you children?" She kindly asks.
"Yes, ma'm. Can I please speak to Chiaki?" I say.
"I'm sorry, but he went out with Haru-kun."

I turn to Minami, a look of panic is apparently noticeable. Minami asks this lady herself when she felt I was at the brink of breaking down.

"Do you possibly know where they could be?" She asks calmly, the exact opposite of my state right now.
"Right now, I'm not so sure. They said they'd be talking strolls in their favorite places."

A scene plays in my mind, Chiaki together with Haruki when I bumped into them this morning. My heart starts to pound, I'm starting to have an anxiety attack. All sorts of things rush into my mind, and all of them mostly consisting of Chiaki's feelings returning, her finally giving in and starting to love Haruki all over again, and me just a distant memory of someone who she once felt attracted to, yet forgotten after a while.

"Though, they told me they had plans of having dinner tonight at seven, I think. Yes, seven pm." She nods to herself.
"Do you know where?" Minami says.
"They said it was an Italian restaurant.. P-Pre..Ple.."
"Prelibato?" I say.
"Yes! That's it!" She snaps.
"Thank you, ma'm. We appreciate the help."

I take a peek at my watch, seeing that it's only twelve in the afternoon. I'll have to wait seven hours until I can talk to her.

"Seven hours is too long, Minami. I can't wait that long!" I snap.
"Calm down. Meanwhile, let's go to the restaurant. Maybe we can plan something out when we're there." She suggests.
"You're right." I nod to myself. I turn to her, something suddenly coming to mind. "You know, I really appreciate your help. Thank you."
"Don't sweat it. I don't like Haruki anyway." She admits with a look disgust.
"Why not?"
"He hurt my best friend!" She yells in outrage. "That boy didn't know what was in front of him until she was gone. He doesn't deserve her one bit."

I nod to myself, thinking of how I didn't treat Chiaki anywhere near cruel and here I am trying to take her back. What did I even do to deserve this?

We arrive at the deli faster than expected. The doorman greets us with a bow and asks us what we need.

"Excuse me, sir," Minami says in a calm, charming way, "is there a reservation for a Haruki Mitsunaga at seven pm tonight?"
"Actually, madam, that reservation was moved to three this afternoon."

Me and Minami exchange a look, both of us feeling the same relief as she turns back to the doorman, thanks him, and me and her walk out the door.

We wait for a few hours, going to different stores that are close to the store, browsing for a while. We go inside this accessory store, thinking that maybe I should buy her something to show her how much I'm thankful.

She picks a simple, usagi necklace with a few gems here and there. About to approach the cashier and pay, when the bell of the door rings, and a familiar voice fills the room.

The voice rings in my ears, and I believe the same happened to Minami because we both squat on the floor, hiding behind coats and sweaters with different usagi designs.From what we both hear, they're about to buy an usagi ring, one Haruki will buy for Chiaki, with one gem for each eye.

They laugh happily together, their voices echoing inside the four walls. A sound that may fill everyone with happiness for the two of them, but has a completely different effect on me, filling me with emptiness and dread.

"This is dangerous! What is they see us?!" Minami whispers.
"I'm thinking, I'm thinking!" I whisper back.

Looking around with panic filling me, I see the staff's back room, where the stocks are. I tap Minami's back, who is also busy looking for an escape, and point the back room. Her face lights up, like finding water in the desert, a drop of sunshine in the rainiest day, finding the needle in the hay stack. It just leaves me amazed at how people can cheer me up so fast.

About to crawl away when Minami pulls two hoodies from above us, hands one to me, and wears the other one hersel And just when we're about to get there, just a few steps away, when we stand up, deciding to walk the few steps there, someone taps me from behind, her voice sweet and welcoming, her touch bringing warmth and comfort, and her words gentle and kind. And it could've only belonged to one person, and that's Chiaki.

"Can I see the one necklace you showed me before?" She repeats, the same gentle tone used.

My eyes wander around, seeing that I'm wearing the exact same hoody as another person here, and about to facepalm when Haruki speaks up behind me.

"Ano.. can you please hurry and show her the necklace?" A hint of impatience rings in his tone. Yet I don't care. All I want to do at this very moment is to face her, and wrap her in my arms, wishing that the moment would last, wanting to stay that way forever, wanting her to stay with me forever.

I'm about to do just that when the lady wearing the same hoody as me calls out to Chiaki, telling her that she found the necklace she was talking about earlier. Chiaki places her hand on my shoulder, while I'm frozen, holding my place at that very spot when right now, I just want to run away. Minami pulls the hoody to her face and grabs my hand, pulling me to her and into the back room.

We shut the door, careful not to slam it and not draw too much attention on us.

"Quick, there's a door here. Hurry!" She says, wanting to scream but still managing to control her voice. I hear her, but her words enter one ear, and exit the other. I'm not myself. How can I be when I just saw her, knowing I could've taken action right then and there, but choosing not to because her happiness with him.. it seemed so real.

She makes a tsk sound and pulls me by my arm again, wanting to just carry me because of my stubbornness. But she's frozen too when I speak up.

"I can't do it." I mumble, my vision blurred as I look down on the floor.
"Wait..what?" She finally says after a minute of thinking and pure silence.
"I can't do it." I repeat, looking up at her and seeing that my whole vision has blurred.
"What do you mean? We came this far. I'm not letting you stop now." She shakes her head, pulling me to the door once more.
"Did you see them out there?" I finally crack. "Did you see how they held hands?! Did you hear how they laughed like they don't care about the world?! Did you see how happy they were?! Did you see how I've been completely forgotten?" I whisper the last question as my knees start to weaken, making me break down on the floor, sobbing.
"Hey," she gently says, "it's gonna be okay. Weren't you the one to tell me that you told her to act that way?"

I sniff once or twice, wiping the tears the stream down my cheek and look up at her.

"It seems to real. It's like a nightmare coming true." I answer.
"Or maybe, she just wants Haruki to believe, like you wanted her to. Don't you think she wants to please you so badly that she's that good at acting?" She raises an eyebrow, making a point.

I stand up beside her, rearranging my messed up look and leaving the hoodies here and exiting the door. My watch shows that it's only three minutes until three o'clock. Me and Minami go around the store hide in the side of the building, right in front of the restaurant.

The doors of the accessory store open, making me and Minami pull back, hiding behind a large dumpster that smells immensely bad but both of us putting up with it.

They make their way across the street, into the restaurant where the doorman leads them to their seats. We can see them clearly, their table just by the window, like how Chiaki always likes it. I was about to have another break down when Minami nudges my arm and points to them.

"What are you waiting for? Go." She says.
"N-Now?" I ask.
"No, tomorrow." She retorts, sarcasm in her tone. "Yes, now!"
"I.. I don't think I can do it."
"I thought we settled this?" She confusedly asks.
"Maybe some other time." I grin nervously, hoping she'd buy it.

She makes a face, grabs me and pushes me away from our hiding spot. She gestures her hand as if brushing the air, telling me to go on.

I'm just about to run away, run from it all and hide in a corner in my own little world..when I see it. On the floor, she takes her bag, grabs something from that's been slung there since she came.

My jacket. The one I let her wear that night we went out to celebrate Takaki's birthday, the night that will forever haunt me when Haruki came and threatened to take her, the night I wanted to just take her away from the cruel world and protect her, like how I've been wanting to the moment I feel in-love with her.

The simple sight of the sign I've been waiting for gives me courage, making my feet automatically move forward and into the restaurant.

The moment I enter the doors, Chiaki's eyes are on mine, I smile at her while she stares at me speechlessly.

I miss her. So much.

Haruki turns, wanting to see what the girl in front of her is looking at that he can't see. And he sees the big surprise. It's me.

Getting up from his seat, Chiaki follows behind her, but I just stand there, not doing anything.

"What are you doing here?" He says, his voice a mix of anger, shock, fear, insecurity, power, arrogance and pride. The exact mix of the wrong kind of confidence.
"Taking her back." I answer simply, a smile brightening up my face when I see Chiaki's eyes light up.
"Well, you can't." He firmly replies, and I'm just about to give him the bad news when Chiaki steps forward and does it for me instead.
"Actually, he can." She nods to him, wanting him to know that every bit of it is true.

A few moments, processing the whole thing.

"Huh?" He finally answers.
"That rule you pointed out? Well, talked to Johnny-san myself. Said he trusts me and Chiaki and he's actually happy for us." I smile.
"N-No.. No.." He utters, like a child seeing his plan in pieces. "It can't be.. My plan was perfect!" Haruki starts to have a tantrum, throwing plates, breaking glasses, lying on the floor and sorts.

He was close to hurting customers that the security had to cuff him. But we told them to just give us a few minutes and talk, it'll only take a while.

"Why do you get to have her?" He sobs.
"I guess.. it was all planned out this way from the very beginning." I shrug.
"But why you?! She's the only girl I ever loved and this happened!"

At this point, I actually pity him. The tears, the thoughts, the doubts, the pain.. everything. I know it. I've been there myself.  I tell the guards to let him go. The second the let go of him, he crouches on the floor, and soon bringing his knees to his chest.

I pat his back gently, wanting to make it all better, remembering how I wanted the same thing when I was alone.

"Do you think there's someone for me, too?" He looks up at me, eyes still overflowing with tears.
"I know there is. You just have to believe." I smile at him.

He wipes one tears trailing down his cheek and stand up on his feet.

"Then.. I wish you the best of luck." He smiles at the two of us, a smile so sincere it sends my heart fluttering.

I look out the window, seeing a proud and happy Minami wave my way, saluting to me for a job well done, and waving goodbye.

Bringing Chiaki to me, I take a deep breath, making an effort to remember this moment. Every single detail of it. From the broken glass on the floor to the outfit we both wear.


Opening the door to the house, I'm careful to hold the mail I just got from out front. I call out to the others, telling them they all have something here. They rush from upstairs, the garden, the bathroom, the kitchen and into the living room where I stay.

I hand them out their letters, envelopes and such when I spot something for me and my wonderful girl friend.

"Hey Chiaki, come here. Guys, check this out." I say, getting their attention. I hold out a card, a picture of a happy couple, waiting for someone to guess who this couple is on the card. "It's Haruki!"

The same face of shock is seen in all their faces, first not wanting to believe me but then seeing that I'm not, at all. lying.

"It says here that he finally found the girl Keito talked about in that restaurant." Chiaki takes the card, and smiles at me.
"What ya' know, lover boy found his match." Ryutaro teases.

Everyone goes back to their mail, busying themselves and sharing what they received. Chiaki moves closer beside me, wrapping her one arm around my waist as I do the same. She leans her head to my chest, probably hearing my heart beat as I remember the moment we were in that restaurant, the moment I got her back, the moment I knew our love was and is real, the moment I realized that she's the one I want to stay with me.

Sorry if it's only, like, nine chapters. And this is probably the longest one (lol). My attention span can only handle this many, so..gomen! I hope you liked it. Thanks for reading~

Oh yeah, I'm open for requests, so just add me on fb, message me and we're good to go~ :D 

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Soaked in the rain: Pool party for two

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Stay with me [8]

Title: Stay with me
Chapter: Eight
Author: me, nayami :3
Genre: Romance
Rating: general viewing
 Disclaimer: I do not own the image above.
  I'm sorry If I'm not always updating this, that's why I thought about finishing it. Maybe after this request, I'll be open for requests again :D I apologize again in advance for the typos and possibly some grammatical errors here and there 'cause I don't read it before I post it so I might misspell some words.

[Want a spoiler? ]
With Chiaki gone from Keito's care and control, everyone in the house is worried. And what's worse is that a temptation comes; to replace and forget about Chiaki. Keito isn't really one to give in to temptation, but with all the depression and pain he's facing right now, will he give in to the love and comfort provided by another?

I awake in the morning, screaming and jerking around in my bed that's soaked in sweat and my pillow in tears. I bolt upright from my bed, trying to remember why I'm like this. Then I remember what happened last night. Chiaki gone. Haruki in control of it all. Me sitting here helpless.

What's worse is what my imagination has done to the entire scene, making it worse than it already is. My dreams play the whole thing differently. I try and talk Chiaki into going with Haruki, but then she yells at me, saying "I was already planning with going with him, anyway. It's annoying to be with you. You're too much to handle!" Then she pushes me to the ground, Haruki glaring at me tauntingly, teasing me with his victory. He spits on me, adding insult to injury.

She walks away with him, laughing happily and obnoxiously as they leave me there. JUMP comes out from the restaurant which has now turned into our house, all the lights turned off and only the lamp in the living room open, where we stay. Me on the floor and everyone else looking down on me. They all have their share of anger and scolding while I sit on the cold floor crying.

She was too good for you.
You don't deserve her.
You should have seen this coming.
What made you think she'd stay?
He'd take better care of her.
You actually think she loved you?
Get over it.
This whole thing wasn't real in the first place.
She made a good choice.
She never did love you.

But luckily, those guys would never say this in real life. Though, these words cause me to cringe, and somehow feel a pain inside me whenever I think about them. I just shrug them off for now. With these soaked sheets, I'll have a smelly bedroom when night comes. I put them in the laundry basket and wash-up for breakfast.

Brush my teeth, wash my face, comb my hair, the usual. Turning the door knob, I leave behind here in my room all the bad feelings that fill me and replace it with a smile to greet the others with.

"Ohayo." I greet to no one in specific.
"Ah, Keito. I heard someone scream a while ago. Was that you?" Chinen asks worriedly.
"Umm, yeah. Yeah it was." I reply shyly.
"What happened?" Daiki joins in the conversation.
"Nothing. Just a bad dream." But my words betray me. It wasn't just a bad dream. It was all my worries played out before me. Although that may be on my mind, I don't tell them.

"Should we tell him?" Yuto whispers from the other side of the table.
"Tell me what?" I ask.
"Ano saa.." Yamada sighs and continues. "Chiaki was here earlier. She grabbed some of her stuff. She said three days is too long for her current clothes to handle."

Inside I'm dying, yet I don't show them.

"Sou ka." I answer with a slight smile. "Thanks for letting me know."
"Ah, Keito, I made you some pancakes. Dozo~" Kei says, obviously trying to change the subject. So I go along with it, knowing his intentions are pure.

While sitting down, I notice everyone avoiding eye contact, probably not wanting to say something that will hurt me. But Chinen breaks the ice and breaks the deafening silence.

"Maa, that steak last night was delicious!" He exclaims.
"Sou!" Ryutaro agrees. "Too bad I wasn't able to finish it since we all went outside when we saw Keito with Haru..ki....." Ryutaro trails off while everyone glares at him for saying such a thing. But I just shrug it off.

"Ah, I need to leave early today." I say.
"Eh, nande?" Yabu casually asks.
"I have summer classes." I reply.
"Summer classes? You failed a subject? You?! Fail?!" Daiki goes eccentric while I just laugh in my seat.
"No, I actually want to advance on a couple of subjects. That why I entered summer classes." I explain while everyone nods in comprehension.

"You better hurry," Inoo says like a mother to her child.

Choking down the huge stack of pancakes, I leave the plate in the sink and brush my teeth while I'm there. One step after the other, climbing each step in speed. I swing my bedroom door open and find my room exactly as it was when I left it.

After bathing, I choose a set of clothes that are a bit different from the fashionable type I usually wear. Today, I choose clothes that are kind of say that I'm a little laid-back. A pair of shorts that are until my knees, a simple red shirt and a hoody over it. For my feet, just a pair of flat, lace-less sneakers.

Now I'm ready to go. I swing over my shoulder a bag filled with a few notebooks and a pen, all of which that I might need. Downstairs, some are watching TV and the other half are cleaning up in the kitchen. We exchange goodbyes and I head for the door.

Just when I exit the house, I remember how I used to always walk out these very steps, hand in hand with a girl whom I now cannot claim mine when I used to. That very thought ruining my good mood that I tried to keep intact from the moment I woke up.

That's why I end up going to school with such a glum expression on my face, immediately noticed by my friend Nikki.

"Ehhhhhh, it's morning and your aura is as dark as midnight!" She scolds. The usual thing I hear from her that makes me let out a light chuckle.
"It's nothing."
"It can't be nothing if it's enough to ruin that charming smile I always see." She shoots back. Yet another of her come-backs that brighten up my day.
"It's just.. I need to tell you something."

I drag her into a corner where no one can hear anything we both say. She's my best friend. I tell her everything, good or bad. I feel comfortable telling her all that's in my mind and she doesn't judge me. That's why I love being with her.

"Wow. That's tough. And on your birthday, too."
"Yeah, I know."
"I'm surprised you even got up this morning."
"If I were you I'd really have no reason to live."
"Okay, that's enough."
"Why, I would've hurt myself physically if I were you."
"Yeah, enough already."
"I'm surprised you haven't committed suicide!"
"Okay, enough!" I yell, trying once again to make her shut up.
"Oh, sorry." She giggles in guilt which is enough to make me forgive her at that very moment.

She pats my back a bit, wanting to give me more comfort than she's already given me.

"You know, just because this didn't work out like you planned, doesn't mean it's the end of your happiness." She gently whispers. And all I can do is look at her with tears in my eyes.
"Guaranteed. Life isn't supposed to be as simple as that. It isn't laid out to you like in a restaurant where the waiter just said 'enjoy!' or 'bon appetit!' You're supposed to cook for yourself. Get a few cuts and burns here and there, but when you're done, you'll realize all the hard work is worth it."
"Restaurant food? Really?" I chuckle at her example.
"What? I'm hungry! I didn't have breakfast you know! Be glad the example was still decent." She curls up her lips to the side, offended by my words.

To make it up to her, I bring out my ham sandwich with extra mayonnaise that we both love sharing during lunch. Although this time, since she helped me and she's hungrier than I am, I'll give it to her whole. Her eyes widen at the sight of it. At first, she's planning to grab it right from my hands. But hesitating to do so, her hands retreating slowly back to the side of her body.

But when I hand it over to her, she doesn't think twice before taking off the tissue I wrapped it in and tucking in the moment the tissue is out of her way. Another thing about her that I love. That attitude of hers that always does what's on her mind, not caring what other people think.

"Ahh, Nikki, you have some mayonnaise here." I point to the corner of my lip where the mayonnaise is on her lip.
"Eh? Where?" She says when she finds nothing.
"Here, let me."

I reach for the stray mayo, our faces growing undeniably close. She thanks me, but all I can notice is her lips moving without letting out a sound. Or at least, not one I can hear. She's now very still, while I haven't taken a step back from my position. My attention is on her lips, pink, soft, and moist in the slightest way.

My body moves by itself, my lips nearing hers while she stands frozen. The tip of my nose brushes over the tip of hers, making her move back a bit. And at the moment I lean closer, making our lips meet, she's frozen. But it doesn't last long until she drops the sandwich on the floor, abandoning it for something she craves more.

Her hands circle my waist, while mine slither up her torso, one ending up on her back and the other behind her head, pushing her to me more. We separate slightly, enough for me to let out my tongue. It slides slowly across her lower lip, until she open her mouth enough to let my tongue in. At first, only mine is moving, dancing around the inside of her mouth, when finally hers move and entwines with mine a few times, and we separate to breathe.

As soon as she realizes what really is happening, she takes a step back.

"That wasn't just my imagination, right?" She asks.
"No.. I don't think so."
"So.. what now?"
"I think.. I think this should be a secret for now." I suggest.
"Okay then." She answers, and doesn't react beyond nodding.

We both walk to our first class, acting like nothing happened for the sake of the people around us who have been used to seeing us act like brother and sister. 

Class has started for about 10 minutes already and no information has made it's way to my mind. Heck, I can't even think straight. I walk her to her house. What with all the jerks that hurt girls for no reason, I can't leave my best friend alone on the way home.

At the front of her house, she climbs up the front steps, and as I wait for her to go inside before I leave, she turns to me, her expression filled with dread.

"You know, I liked you for a long time now. That's the only reason I agreed to be your best friend." She pauses, looks at the ground, and then at me. "But as much as I want to be called yours and I to claim you mine, think about what you're getting yourself into first. I don't want to be just someone you treat as a replacement. I don't want to expect too much and only see in the end that I'm just someone you remembered when you needed me and forgotten when you were in a deep state of happiness."

With that said, she turns back to the door, not looking back again, leaving me there. Dumbfound. Speechless. Frozen.

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Stay with me [7]

Title: Stay with me
Chapter: 7
Author: nayami :3
Genre: Romance, (this chapter has a little bit of angst)
Rating: General Viewing
  I just finished the previous chapter, and all these ideas were about to burst in my head, I had to make the next chapter as soon as possible. Again, I apologize for any typos I make 'cause I don't read them again before posting it. 

[Spoiler here~]
Haruki's back, and he didn't come to make a truce. He'd do anything to get back what he think belongs to him, which is Chiaki. Even though Keito won't give up so easily, Haruki has brought something with him to take back Chiaki. And because of that, Keito might actually change his mindset.

  This chapter's narration is based on Keito's point of view.

A few days after Takaki's birthday, my special day arrived. Actually, our special day. I'm not the only one who was brought to the world on this day. Someone more special to me came to be on this day, as well. And I'm not about to let her miss the feeling of being special.

Just like every morning, I get up, wash my face and brush my teeth, fix my bed and head downstairs in my pajamas. Everyone's already downstairs, even the co-birthday celebrant.

"Happy birthday to you two~" Chinen greets cheerfully.
"Arigatou." Chiaki and I say at the same time.
"Maa, a special celebration is ahead. So, everyone, hurry up!" Yabu claps, telling everyone to pick up the pace.

He looks at me and Chiaki, telling us that on this day, we're the king and queen. We don't need to follow what anyone says. We're our own boss and that's that.

"Happy Birthday." Chiaki greets, looking up from her huge stack of pancakes made especially for me and her, and returning her attention to her food.
"Same to you, birthday girl." I smile. She looks up and smiles back.
"What do you think those boys have in mind for us today?" She asks with a light chuckle.
"Who knows. No one can figure out what they're planning when they think of something all together."
"Twisted yet clever. I like it." She nods to herself, as if confirming something.

She's right, though. All of them.. no matter how weird, how different they are from me, one thing's for sure; they're all absolutely lovable in their own unique way. That's why I could never last a day without them by my side. If I were to stay that long away from them, I think I'd rather die.

I'm brought back to reality when I hear Chiaki's plate land on the sink. I then realize that I've been staring into nothing while she's already finished her food and about to get ready for the big day that they've planned. I rush to finish my tower of pancake flooding with syrup, almost choking more than a few times, and finally able to eat it all.

I hurry to my room, picking the best clothes I have. This isn't just a day of celebration, it's also another day with the girl I love the most. That's why I have to look my best no matter what. All I do may seem effortless, but really, I'm always doing my best to keep the people I love close to me.

Gray scarf, checkered light and dark blue, black pants and white shoes. All set. I head downstairs, putting on the last touches to my hairdo and finding only Ryutaro and Hikaru sitting on the couch, waiting for the others. I join them on the velvet red sofa, making small talk until one member joins us after the other.

The last that comes down is the only girl, looking as beautiful as she always does. Wearing a pink cocktail dress with black doll shoes to match. Her hair is flowing elegantly down her back with only a tiny panda clip at the side to hold it. Everyone stares at her with awe until Yuto snaps us back into this world.

"Kawaii~" Inoo-kun says with a hint of admiration.
"Ahh, not really, but thank you." Chiaki humbly says.
"I'm warning you two," Yamada says to me and Chiaki, "you're about to have an incredible time, so you might faint."
"I think we can handle it." Chiaki answers.

Daiki and Chinen lead us out the door, gesturing as if he's assisting the king and queen of England. But Chiaki and I don't complain, we let out a light laugh or two, but we just go with it.

Yuto comes up behind me, while Ryutaro does the same to Chiaki, both putting blindfolds in front of our eyes and demanding us not to remove them until they say so. Of course, me and Chiaki don't want to spoil their fun, so we just go with it again. Besides, who knows how fun this may be for me, too?

They make us ride in what I think is a cab. We stop a few times or so, hearing an excited voice speak or laugh once or twice in every stop we make, until we arrive.

"We're here~" Yabu says.
"But NO taking off the blindfolds yet!" Hikaru demands.
"Ha, okay okay." Chiaki replies.

They assist us out the cab and into what I think is the pavement. What with all the buzzing and the sound of heels hitting the ground, it's sure to be the pavement.

"Okay.. now!" Yuto says, making me automatically untie the knot behind my head.

The blindfold drops in front of me and the big surprise is revealed right in front of my eyes.

It's my favorite place. It's the place we all went out for the first time when we started living in the same house. It's also the place where we began to know Chiaki for real when she first arrived at the house.

Nothing special. It's not even that big. But it's got that special meaning in my heart. I can't believe how these people know me so well. I don't want anything grand, and they know that. They hit the spot, leaving me frozen in my spot, but in a good way.

They pull me by the hand, tugging me more forcefully every time. Until I'm finally pulled inside the restaurant. And what awaits me and Chiaki is a huge banner, greeting us a happy birthday. Complete with the balloons and the food.

Two waiters approach me and Chiaki, each holding a crown, one for me and one for Chiaki. Placing it gently on our heads, they lead us to our 'thrones' in the middle of the restaurant.

Chiaki shyly looks at the guys, wondering why they threw such a huge party when it's just another birthday. But it's not. I know it's not. Right now, I just can't explain why.

They bring a huge cake, greeting us once more. They sing for us, lighting two candles for each of us to blow. When the song finishes, we close our eyes, make a wish, and blow the candle designated to us.

In truth, I couldn't ask for anything more. I have my friends, my fans, my job, and of course, the one I value most. All I want is for things to stay the way they are.

"Having fun?" Chiaki asks while taking a sip from her iced tea.
"Of course!" I say cheerfully.
"Good." She chuckles.

"Oi, you two! Dance with us!" Chinen invites while already on the dance floor with the rest. I tug Chiaki's hand, telling her to come with me. We both get up from our thrones and join the guys.

The song is up beat, making us roam the room, changing partners every minute. One minute I'm with Yuto, having fun and all, and the next I'm with Yabu. And when I'm partnered with Chiaki, the song turns into a slow song. I'm taken by surprise when the guys back away and it's only me and Chiaki left on the dance floor.

My heart suddenly begins to pound, I swear I could hear it. Chiaki looks around nervously. To calm her mind, I bow down low, asking for her permission to dance with her. Chiaki looks at everyone again, getting some opinion if whether or not she'll give her hand to me. From the corner of my eye, I could see everyone gesturing their hands to go and dance.

Not turning my head for anything else and staring right into her eyes, she places her hand on mine. Her other arm snakes around my neck and I wrap my other arm around her waist. She doesn't make any eye contact, but in my point of view, her shyness is just plain old cute.

"I'm sorry for this." She whispers.
"Sorry for what? I'm having a wonderful time."
"I'm sorry for this commotion.. Sorry that I'm really awkward since the dance started.. Sorry that I've stepped on your foot more than once." She nervously giggles and turns away again.
"I don't mind. It's worth it anyway."

The song is about to come to an end. She looks at me one more time, smiling ever so slightly with her cheeks blushing light pink. I don't know what I'm about to do next, but I do it anyway. My head leans forward, my face nearing hers. She moves back a bit, but after that she just gives in to what comes.

I don't do anything big, only feeling her warm, luscious lips on mine is enough for me. She moves a bit, her lips playing with mine. Until the song comes to an end and we separate from each other.

All of them give a round of applause, surprising me and Chiaki, causing her to move away from me a bit. We walk towards them, her hand in mine, giving it one assuring squeeze before I speak.

"So, do we have to say it out loud or do you guys get what's happening here?" I joke, but partly serious.
"I think we pretty much get it." Daiki nods a bit.
"Good. 'Cause it'd be too awkward if it's voiced out." Chiaki breathes heavily.

We all have a good laugh, causing me to tilt my head a bit aback. And just at that moment, I see Haruki just outside the window, staring into my soul with unmistakable rage in his glare.

"I'll be right back." I say, rushing to go outside.
"Where are you going?" Chiaki asks worriedly, stopping me in my tracks.
"Trust me, this'll only take a sec."
"O-Okay. Hurry okay?" She says, giving a peck on my cheek, giving me courage to face this jerk.

I swing the doors open with Haruki approaching me slowly but steadily.

"What do you want?" I ask bluntly.
"You know what I want." He hisses.
"Well, I'm here to tell you that you can't have it." I answer.
"Don't be so sure." He says playfully.
"What do you mean?"
"I'm here to remind you of what is stated in Johnny's Entertainment rules regarding it's.. people." He says.
"What about it?" I reply, trying to seem unbreakable.
"You guys are actually pretty pitiful. What with this rule not allowing any of you to have a girlfriend of your own."

I flinch by his words, and even though it's only ever so slightly, I know he's seen it, too. And that's all he needs to keep on going.

"Gotcha." He mumbles. "What will happen if dear Johnny Kigawata--"
"Kitagawa." I correct.
"Whatever. If he finds out, what do you think will happen? Hmm.. let's see the possibilities. He might.. remove you from JUMP? Punish Chiaki? Or maybe, take her away from you guys!" He jokingly says.
"Don't you dare." I taunt.
"Oh, I will. Unless, you give in to what I say."
"Say it before I agree to anything." I say firmly.

He takes his time thinking, making faces that only enrage me more, but I won't give in. Yet.

"What about.. You break up with Chiaki and she stays at my home for three days. And, you guys can't talk to each other at that time." He says.
"What?! Are you seriously asking me to do all that?!"
"You're out of your mind."
"Maybe. But in return, I shut up." He raises his left eyebrow, showing his point.
"Fine. But you have to swear to shut up."

"Haruki?" A voice from behind me calls out. "Shut up? What's going on here?"
"Chiaki, listen for a sec."
"Not a word, Okamoto." Haruki firmly commands.
"I know. Just give me a moment here." I plead.
"Not a word about what? Keito, what's going on?" Chiaki starts to panic, confusion filling her gaze.

I push her back gently, leaning her back on the wall. I bring my lips to her ear, whispering in a calm voice.

"Listen to me. Stay calm and let me explain. You need to stay with Haruki for three days. Starting tonight."
"What?!" Chiaki yells, but I'm quick to calm her down.
"Listen, listen to me. I need you to act like you don't love me, and that you love him."
"No! I won't do it! Stay with me! I don't wanna be with him! I want you! You promised me you'd never leave!" She demands, but it's not like I have a choice.
"Not every promise needs to be done only physically. I'm still in your heart no matter how many miles separate us, ne?"
"Right. But that doesn't make me stop being with you."
I lean close to her, my forehead on hers, feeling her warm breath on my lips. This close, I can see every detail of her beautiful face that I'll definitely miss. And the part that I never want to see is for it to be filled with tears like it is now.

"I know. I want to be with you, too."
"Then why are you doing this?!"
"You trust me, don't you?"
"Yes." She retorts.
"Then trust me when I say that this is for your own good. That this will benefit you more than it benefits me."
"Why do I have to pretend that I like him when I don't?" She whispers.
"Don't worry, it's only pretend, isn't it?" He jokingly say.
"Yeah, it definitely is. But don't forget that you're still the one I love. No matter how much I may pretend to love him, I'll always give you a sign that you've never been, for one second, replaced."
"I'll look forward to it. Now go to him." I say while releasing my grip of her.

She walks towards Haruki, but before she completely comes close to him, I stop her in her tracks. In a few steps, I'm already face to face with the idiot who let go of the girl and wanting to claim her back.

As calmly as I could, I talk. But I clearly far from calm since I'm holding Haruki two inches from the ground by his collar. I could feel my free hand balling into a fist, but I don't really care. 

"Listen, you. If you even plan anything funny to do to her, so help me I'll bury you alive. And if you even hurt her one bit in any way possible, I swear, I will skin you alive. Are we clear?" 
"Crystal clear." He answers in a joking way which pisses me off even more.

I let him down, turning to Chiaki and mouthing "go" as she follows my order and clings to Haruki. And just in time for everyone else to come rushing outside, asking the same question in the exact same time.

"What happened?"
I take a deep breath and face them all, having the same mixed expression of shocked and confused. 

"I think we should all go home. I'll explain it there."

Mar. 31st, 2012


Stay with me [6]

Title: Stay with me
Chapter: 6
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Okamoto Keito x OC (Akimoto Chiaki)
Narration is based on Chiaki's point of view
  I'M SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG. I decided to continue it in celebration of Keito's birthday! Umm, I'm gonna give a spoiler, and it's up to you to read it~! I hope you enjoy~ Keito has already confessed to Chiaki, and Chiaki realizes something that she feels that has been there all along. And with that done, they let JUMP in on the big secret. But just when everything seems to work out just fine, a big problem comes in their way.

The staff member walks in front of the two of us while we follow from a distance behind her. Keito takes my hand, giving it a comforting squeeze. We arrive at the van downstairs, with everyone waiting for us. The back seat of the first van is available for the both of us, with Hikaru, Yabu, Yuto and Yamada at the front. In the other van waited Chinen, Ryutaro, Takaki, Daiki, and Kei. 

"Well, where have you lovebirds been?" Yuto teases.
"We were, umm.." I start, but not being able to make up a good excuse.

"We got a little lost. The whole thing was bigger than I thought," Keito continues.

"Okaaaaay~ Whatever you say~" Hikaru says.

We both sit in the back, everyone in front of us buzzing in their own interesting conversation with the other members. I look at him, still holding my hand in his while his eyes are fixed outside the window.

"Ne." I whisper. He looks at me, a smile fixed on his lips.
"Yes?" he says in his charming British accent.
"Who were you talking about backstage that you were gonna confess to?" I ask while trying not to sound jealous.
"Oh, her. She's a girl from my class."
"Why'd you say you were gonna confess to her?" I ask again.
"Well, I was a little.. nervous with the whole confessing to you thing. So to get a little encouragement to make sure what I'm doing is right, I wanted to see how you were gonna react if I told you and everyone I was gonna confess to another girl." He explains while finishing with another smile.

I gasp in comprehension and flash a glare at his way. He grins nervously and leans his head on my shoulder.

"Woah, lovebirds are getting more obvious now~" Yamada says.
"Yeah, well, it's about time, too." Yabu raises his eyebrow.

Keito doesn't deny it, but he doesn't admit it either. I'm not hurt by it. I guess he's just waiting for the right time. In truth, I'm not so sure I'm ready to tell them myself. So I let it be and rest my head on the seat.

We arrive home and go straight to bed. I take a peek at the clock with eyes half-open and see that it's half past eleven. Almost midnight, huh?

I head up the stairs while dragging my feet a few centimeters from the ground. I lift one foot after the other, each step an obstacle to land my foot safely on a stair. And just when I think I'm about to step on level ground, there's still one more stair left. My foot hits the edge, causing me to fall forward.

Just when I'm ready to feel the floor hit my face smack dab, I feel like I'm frozen, like something just hit the pause button and made time stop. I open my eyes which I didn't notice were shut in the first place, and see two hands holding me tight, one on my shoulder, and one around me.

My knight in shining armor.
My hero.

I'm such a klutz while he's such a perfect boy. Sometimes I feel embarrassed to be around him. But I don't pay attention to that for a while. Right now, I'm focused on getting up. He helps me get on the second floor and sits me down on the floor.

"Are you okay? What happened?"
I shake my head a bit and look at him. "Nothing. Just tired, I guess. And sleepy."
"Well, let's get you to bed then." He helps me up, careful to get me away from the stairs.

We walk to my room, his hand on my shoulder while his other arm is wrapped around me. Slowly, he tucks me in to bed. And as he slowly places back some stray hair on my forehead, he speaks.

"When do you want to tell them?"
"Tell them what?" I ask, even though I already know the answer.
"You know, the whole 'I already confessed to you and we're most likely dating' thing." He smiles.
"Ahh, that." I smile back.
"I'm kinda nervous about it."
"To be honest, me too."
"How about on our birthday?" His face brightens up at the idea.
"Maaaaybeeeee." I nod.
"Well then, it's settled." He smiles. "Now go to sleep." He kissed me on my forehead and leaves the room.

The next day, a wonderful sight shows up in the kitchen. Nothing special, just all the members eating together, Kei cooking a couple of eggs and everyone conversing happily.

"Ohayo!" Chinen greets.
"Ah, ohayo." I smile. Approaching my seat, Inoo put the eggs he was cooking on my plate and smiles. I mouth a thank you while he turns and puts the pan in the sink.
"Finally, some rest!" Hikaru says.
"Maa, we should go out some time." Yabu says.
"Desho. Ah! Takaki's birthday is just around the corner~" Ryutaro says.

Takaki nods and looks at all the members. Even though no one says it, we all know that we're going to Takaki's favorite Italian restaurant on that night. We continue to eat breakfast happily.

After finishing up breakfast, I head back to my room to take a shower. I only take short showers since I'm not all that big of a fan of cold water. On my bed, I find a little note with a fake flower one top of it, which was the one that caught my attention.

Let's have fun on Takaki's birthday, ne?

I smile at the sight of it, recalling how we didn't talk at all this morning during breakfast. I dress up, choosing a pair of shorts that covers half of my thighs and a loose shirt. I go down stairs, planning on cleaning up the living room when I see everyone already doing what I was planning to.

"How can I help?" I ask.
"Ah, no need. You've already helped enough." Daiki smiles at me.
"No, I want to help." I persist.
"Sit down on the couch, there's no need for that." Daiki says.

I got to the kitchen, thinking that maybe I can do something helpful there. The first two people I see are Yamada and Inoo, washing the dishes together. Yabu comes from the back door, seeming to have just disposed of the garbage.

"Anything for me to do?" I ask happily.
"Um, no, nothing." Inoo looks around and sees that there is nothing for me to do.
"Well, there must be something," I chuckle.
"No~ Just go and rest." Yamada says.
"Is something wrong? Why won't you guys let me help you? Do you not want to spend time with me?"

Everyone's eyes are on me now. After I said what I did, I realize that at first, my intention were to actually help. But when I saw everyone working together, it's not just because I wanted to help. They spent weeks in the studio when they could have been hanging out with me here at home.

I missed them. That's why, right now, I so badly want to be with them in what they're doing. And now that I thought of that, I start to choke back a sob while trying to hold back the tears. But with that unexplained to everyone, they thought I just really wanted to work.

"Ahh, Chiaki, you can help me dry up the table~" Yamada says while handing me some cloth and patting my back.
"Chiaki, I actually need your help here." Daiki says, trying to sound as if he really did need my help.

I try to take a deep breath, but it just won't come. Inoo hands me a glass of cold water and I gladly take it from his hands. One gulp or two, and I feel much better. Air is coming in and the tears have gone. I inhale one more time before facing them all and explaining my breakdown.

"I didn't know you missed us so muuuuuch~" Hikaru says in a cute tone and hugs me.
"Well, I did.. You can't really blame me." I look at Keito, seeing how he looks worriedly at me. But I just smile at him, telling him that I'm alright now.
"You know, I kinda wanted to rest on my birthday. Can't we just have an early celebration? Like today, maybe?" Takaki smiles, waiting for an affirmative nod from the rest.

My head snaps to his direction, looking him directly in the eyes. Unaware of the huge grin that was fixed on my face. Yabu steps forward, saying "There's really nothing wrong with an early celebration, right? What time do we leave?"

He looks at me, pleased to see that I'm far from sobbing and instead happier than ever. Everyone finishes up cleaning, and others going to their rooms. Keito continues to stand where he has been since they all gathered around me, continuing to see if I'm just hiding my feelings and just pretending to smile.

But I'm not. So, I walk towards him, my arms spread out, ready to wrap him in them. He doesn't react beyond hugging back. And just when I think he's finally understood that I just really missed them, he brings his lips close to my ear.

"Are you sure you're okay now?" He asks worriedly.
"I definitely am, now that you're here." I reply. He chuckles a bit and asks again.
"Are you sure?" 
"Yes. Now let's go~" I say. I pull away from his embrace and grab his wrist instead, pulling him up the stairs and into his room. "Get dressed. I'm so psyched to go out with you guys again."

I start to turn, about to get out and give him back his privacy I so rudely took when I entered his room. Though, instead of seeing the door, I see his face. His hand around my wrist, realizing just now that he turned me back to him before I could face the door.

His face comes nearer, just a few centimeters away. Until he leans forward and closes the gap. Making our foreheads, noses, and our lips meet. I feel his lips on mine, feeling so soft, warm and indulging. He nips at the tip of mine, playing around a little, and relaxing again.

He pulls away, making me want more. He nips at the tip of my ear and whispers with a warm breath.

"Get dressed."

I head for the door, his hand slowly letting go of my wrist. Before I close the door behind me, I take one last peek at him, seeing his shirt is already off, revealing his muscular body. He looks at me, waves good-bye, and I close the door.

I get dressed. Chiffon skirt, black tee, knee-high with black and white stripes. When I go downstairs, everyone's already present and accounted for. Inoo checks all the doors and locks the front.

As planned, we go to Takaki's favorite Italian restaurant. He orders a huge buffet. Pizza, Pasta, and all sorts that I couldn't remember. We eat, drink, eat, talk, eat, laugh, and eat again. The eating may be over, but the celebration isn't just yet.
 "It isn't a birthday celebration if there's no trip to the amusement park!" Takaki said.

And so we go. Because we just ate, we go for the simple games. It becomes darker and colder, but we don't let that stop us. We ride a jet coaster as soon as we feel the food has been digested.

Gladly, no one threw up. But I was definitely close to doing so. Night has fallen and it's definitely colder that it was just a few moments ago. And with so little to protect myself from the bitter cold, I let the guys leave me.

I go for a dark corner and crouch down into a little ball to preserve body heat. I shut my eyes, trying to disappear from the world. And just when I did, it seemed a lot warmer.

My eyes open and I see a familiar jacket wrapped around me. Keito's hand is in front of me, offering to help me stand.

"Are you okay?" He asks worriedly.
"I'm fine. Your jacket has definitely helped. Wanna play a game?" I ask.

He points to a ring-toss booth and we happily walk to it. But before we could reach it, a familiar voice calls out from behind me. Haruki.

"Are you guys..together?" he asks at the sight of our hands entwined.
"W-Well.." Keito starts.
"Yes." I say proudly.
"Oh. Chiaki, can I talk to you for a sec.?" He says.

I let go of Keito's hand, turning back and mouthing that this'll just be a moment. Haruki takes us to a silent, isolated part of the park.

"Could you possibly be able to take me back?"
"What?" I ask in astonishment, but not in a good way.
"I want you back. I need you."
"What would make you think I'd take you back when you replaced me for someone else? And to add insult to injury, you did it when you still made me think that something like that could never happen. Keito was there for me when you weren't. He took care of me when you were too busy being a jerk. And there's no way I'd leave him for you."

I start to walk away, until he pulls me back to him.

"When I saw you with him, I just, I-- I couldn't take the pain."
"No. Now let me go." I demand.

I run to Keito the moment I break free from his grip. But he's right on my tail, so I yell out Keito's name. He's quick to run to my side and put me behind him before Haruki could get a hold of me again.

"Don't you know how sly I can be? I could take all this away from you if you don't give me what I want, Chiaki. Just you wait." After having that said, Haruki walks away, leaving me shaking and Keito worrying.

Keito looks at me, wanting to know what happened. But in my state, no words can come from me. I'm in total shock. He walks me back to the others that are already wanting to go home.

I look back, seeing Haruki stare longingly at me, and shifting his gaze to Keito and stares angrily at him. Leaving me quivering. Not for me, but for the boy that I love so much, fearing that I have put him in danger.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITO! I hope you guys liked the fic~ Chapter seven, coming soon~ ;)

Mar. 4th, 2012


Stay with me [5]

Title: Stay with me
Chapter: Five
Pairing: Okamoto Keito x OC (Akimoto Chiaki)
Genre: Romance
Author: Me~ X"3
  This chapter is a bit long ne~ I thought you might get bored SOOOO I'll give a short spoiler~ It's up to you whether or not you will read what follows.
Keito's going to confess to someone! And if you think that's Chiaki, well, think again! Go on and read to see who Keito will confess to. :3 

When we came back, all they did was rehearse non-stop. We didn't have that much time spent together. But, then again, I guess it was, in a way, good for me since exams were on that week and the silence in the house was helpful.

But even though I did my best at school, I still did my best to help them out. Like, preparing their stuff for the next day, making their breakfast in the morning, and coming to their rehearsals to check if they needed anything.

Especially Kei and Yabu who already had college to worry about. I didn't want to seem biased, but they were the ones who needed my help the most.


On my way to the studio where they rehearsed until this late hour, I received a text message from Keito.

"Chiaki, all of us are going to dinner when you arrive."

It was brief, yet it left me tingling with excitement. Imagine, weeks without them around the house, much less having to talk with them again. And now, we'll have dinner again together.

It's kinda shallow, I know. But weeks and weeks without spending time with the dear people I've lived with.. the thought of it just makes me happy.

From the time I received Keito's text message to when I arrived at the studio, I've kept an irremovable smile from my face.

Yamada is the first one to come out from the locker room where they all dress and also the first one to had seen this smile.

"You seem happy." He smiles back.
"I am," I answer.
"And why is that?"
"Isn't it obvious? I miss you guys so much that, just the thought of dinner with you all leaves me so happy, so excited, I can't help but smile."
"Ehh~" Yama-chan nods while absorbing all that I've said.

After that brief conversation, the rest come out from the locker room with Yuto looking at me, asking "Iko?" with a smile.

All I could do was nod eagerly and smile while everyone else arranged their stuff, slung their bags over their shoulders and check if everyone else was done, too.

The restaurant was, the usual, the Italian restaurant where they sell the best pasta. That alone made me happy enough.

They all sat down after the lady led us to our table.

"Maa, what will you guys have?" Daiki looks at the menu, then at us, then back to the menu.
"Anything will be fine," I answer while everyone nods in agreement.
"I'll just order our usuals," Inoo says as he calls out to a waiter.
"That's fine with me," I reply.
"Chiaki, you okay?" Keito asks while he nervously takes my hand that's underneath the table.
"Never better~"
"Chiaki, spill it. What's with you? That's smile's been stuck there since you arrived at the studio," Chinen says.
"Iya, betsuni. I'm just happy."
"About what?"

Immediately, my eyes start to sting and my throat starts to tighten up. I know I'm happy to be with them but, seriously? Am I about to cry? This is the first time we'll all have dinner in weeks and the thing I'm gonna do is cry? How pathetic am I?

"Maa, you don't have to explain it to us ne~" Ryutaro says with a look of panic.
"Sou! Just don't cry~" Yuto coaxes.
"I'm sorry," I chuckle while wiping my tears. "I didn't mean to suddenly break down like this. It's just that, well, I really missed you guys, that's all."
"Sou ka," Takaki says with a smile.
"It'll all be over soon ne~ And you can come along when we have our tour!" Yabu points out.
"Desu yo ne~ So stop the flow of those tears and eat dinner," Ryutaro orders.

I do exactly what he says. Once the food arrives, the fun comes along with it. The old actions are back: talking, laughing, teasing and more laughing. 

The next week, the tour started. We left so early that half of me was still asleep. Every time I tried to walk, I would bump in to something. And that kept going on that Takaki had to assist me to the van where I immediately fell asleep the moment I sat down.

When I woke up, we were already at the airport to Hong Kong. Takaki once again assisted me up, but I told him I was already awake enough to get myself on the plane. The people the assisted the guys put the bags in the compartment while we boarded.

"Another plane ride~" Yuto said happily.
"Hong Kong here we come~!" Inoo exclaimed.

The other relaxed in their seat with their headphones on while the others looked eagerly at the windows, wanting already to see the clouds that filled the sky even though they clearly know we weren't anywhere near airborne yet.

I grabbed a manga from my bag while Keito tried peeking from it.

"You wouldn't like it. It's romance." I smile.
"Who told you I didn't like romance?" He smiles back.
"Well, I always thought guys didn't, ya' know.." I start to turn away, my judgment of myself voiced out when he says, "Now you're just being stereotypical."

He narrows his eyes at me, appearing to be slits. But the only thing that gives away that he isn't mad is the smile his lips display. I giggle nervously, wanting to break this awkward conversation which is done by him when he sets back on his seat.

After sighing with relief to myself, I feel some weight on my shoulder. Not too heavy, but enough to make me notice it. I look to my left and see that it was Keito's head on my shoulder.

At that very moment, my heart starts to pound and my breath comes in short. But even though I'm already starting to panic, I do my best to hide it from him. He makes himself comfortable, shifting a bit in his seat and relaxing again.

I swallow hard, wanting to tell him to please sit back on his own seat. But a larger part of myself wanting to just shut up and enjoy the plane ride this way. The way me and him are like right now.

"Keito! come here for a moment~!" Yuto calls from behind, wanting to take a photo of him and himself.
"Hai~" Keito answers almost immediately. 

He gets up from his seat and walks to where Yuto was. And when he did, I couldn't help but feel so empty. When I didn't feel his presence beside me anymore, all I wanted to do was pull him back to me and make him stay.

I sneak a peek at him, not wanting him to see me like some needy girl. When I see him start to walk back to his seat, I suddenly felt the urge to check how I looked like. To see if I seemed.. "presentable" or "decent" enough for him.

When he arrives, I'm untangling my morning hair. I see him looking at me and pretend like I'm just casually fixing it like I always do. He smiles, shakes his head and sits next to me again. He takes a deep breath while my heart feels like it's about to jump out my chest.

The pilot orders us to buckle up because we'll be flying soon, Keito immediately follows. 

While I'm in my seat, fingers fidgeting as I try to buckle in. From the corner of my eye, I could see him shake his head and chuckle to himself a bit.

I try not to pay any attention to him and continue to struggle with my shaking fingers. And I'm just about to give up, just about to let go and sigh with hands up in surrender, when a pair of hands grab mine. Doing what I failed to do in a simple press here and click there.

He doesn't look at me with a look of self-satisfaction, he doesn't gloat, doesn't show off. He just sits back on his chair with a serene look on his face.

"Umm, thanks."
"Don't mention it," he humbly and sincerely says with a smile.

I smile while he's already starting to close his eyes.

Since Hong Kong isn't as far from Japan, we arrive in no time. Met by amazingly but not at all surprisingly many fans. A mob is right there waiting even before the plane had a chance to land.

"Ah, mitte mitte~ There's an " I ♥ Keito!" sign!" Ryutaro happily points out.

Then, I felt an unexplainable pang in my tummy, like how I feel when my friend hangs out with someone else, but this one was somehow different. Different in a way that made me feel like I was afraid.. Afraid of losing someone special from me.

But I'm quick to ignore it and just nod in agreement. The airplane lands on the runway while the fans eagerly stay wait in there positions. The pilot then announces that we have now landed.

Me, along with the guys, get off first. And, as I usually do, I go with the staff than with JUMP since it would be bad for the fans, especially the girls, to see me with their most beloved idols.

But I'm not offended. It just take some getting used to and a little understanding, I guess. So I help along with arranging their stuff. They wave at the fans, and more than sometimes high-five them.

I can't help but smile at the sight of it. These people get along so well with the people who love them but they don't even know. To me, I guess it seems a little creepy. But to see them like that.. It sends my heart fluttering.

I look away, trying to arrange their luggages. When I look back, their well on their way to their dressing room while the fans have gone to the front entrance and get theirselves settled in while waiting for the concert to begin.

A man with the uniform of Johnny's Entertainment takes their stuff and and takes them to who knows where. I run to the door where they entered and showing my pass to the guard who stays stiffly in place and opens the door to let me in.

I assist anyone who needs help while they all get ready. The concert starts after 25 minutes (as of what I remember) and I see them off to their positions. Keito is the last one I accompany since his position is in the very last part of the line.

"I'm nervous." He jumps up and down a bit while shaking his hands, trying to rid himself of the nerves, but apparently not working.
"Don't be. They'll love you no matter what you do." I flash a sincere smile at his way sincknow what I just said was true.
"I just hope you're right." He nods nervously with eyes wide open.
"I know I'm right." I smile again. And for some reason, I take his hand as well.

Takaki's platform, which is the one right before Keito's, goes up to the stage.

"Well, I'm off." He smiles nervously.
"Ganbatte!" I say, and even surprising myself when I lean in and give a slight peck on his cheek.

His platform starts to move with him looking up and ready to go with that charming smile on his face. I forget about my actions for now and run to the dressing room where the TV there shows a live broadcast of what's happening on stage.

From all the fatigue because of not being able to rest properly on the plane, I lay on the couch and immediately falling asleep. Awaken only when I hear rushing footsteps that are headed to this dressing room.

I rise to my feet, fixing my look a little. Just in time before they burst into the room, already half-naked. When you rush during concerts like this, they aren't really picky with the place they're going to strip.

Again, I help them with their clothes, their hair, their props and they head off again right after. I wait there, not wanting to sleep again since I'm lucky to have been awaken just in time before they came.

The tour continues on that way. Same routine in every stop we had. But the only place that seemed to be different was Tokyo. Ironic, I know, since I spent almost my entire life there. And it's weird that it seems more different than any other international travel we've had.

I guess, what made it different was that it was grander. Much larger than any of our stops. 

But the familiar stuff has stayed.

We arrive three days before the concert, which is why they rehearse on the stage. And during break times, we all hang out in their dressing room where we eat, rest, talk, sleep, and eat again.

"Maa, our tour is finally coming to an end ne~" Yama-chan stretches his arms.
"Tanoshii ne~" Chinen nods in the memory of it.
"Yes, I had fun, too~" Daiki agrees.
"Oh yeah, Keito, when are you going to confess to that girl?" Yuto raises his eyebrows with eyes wide open.
"Maybe after this concert?" Keito says with a smile.
"Ohh, sou desu ka?" yuto nods.
"Ne, who's the girl?" Hikaru asks curiously. Suddenly, I feel a fluttering feeling in my tummy.
"Just a girl from my school~" Keito says with a smug.
"Ohh. She'll be your first confession ne~?" Ryutaro asks for a confirmation.
"Sou desu~ Mariko will be very lucky ne~ Nanchatte~" Keito jokes.

The fluttering feeling is then replaced by a sinking feeling. Like my heart suddenly dropped from my chest down to the cold floor. 

I don't do anything to show them that that's how I feel. But I don't think I'm doing a very good job at acting like I don't mind since everyone else is staring at me with such sorry faces on. So I just smile at them and try to blink away the tears that are forming in my eyes.

Three days have passed. And while I have been happy, I still can't help but cry to myself sometimes with a reason I am not sure of.

The day of the concert came, and everyone was already hyped up, including me. They had one last rehearsal on the stage before it started. Cameramen took a few shots of JUMP in the dressing room for what I'm guessing their DVD.

After the men with their cameras have left, I enter the dressing room once again. Finding relaxed boys putting the final touches on their costumes.

"Ready?" I ask with a radiant and encouraging smile.
"Hai!" they all answer in unison.

They all stand from their seats, checking themselves in the mirror one last time before walking out the door.

"Ne, arigatou." Keito says before passing by me.
"Iie~" I answer.
"I'll have to talk to you later, ne?"
"About what?" I ask with seriously having no clue.
"You'll find out later when we talk about it~" He says as he walks away.

I stay there, watching it all happen on TV. Helping them out every time they enter the room in the middle of the concert. And when I know it was their final visit to the dressing room, I take a short nap on the couch.

When I awake, they're saying their good-bye to the crowd. And from all the whines and "No!" shouting, it's obvious they don't want it to end. They're all saying their Thank you's and Goodbye's. And when they mention my name in the Thank You's, I immediately feel happy.

They leave the stage and the lights flash one last time before it goes dim.  I hear footsteps across the hall and some laughs and I know it's them.

"Ne, Chiaki, Keito's waiting for you in the hall." Chinen smiles at me.

I look at him, suddenly remembering that Keito said something earlier about talking, and maybe this was it. I rush to the hall way and find Keito at the other end, standing beside a janitor's closet.

"You wanted to talk?" I ask.
"Yes, but not here. Someone might hear. Come with me." He smiles as he offers his hand.

He leads me to a dark corner that seemed pretty abandoned, what with all the dust and cobwebs.

"I've been needing to tell you something for a while now." He says without making any eye contact.
"What is it?" I ask.
"Recently, I've felt something I wasn't sure of."
"Are you sick? Do you feel okay now?" I worriedly ask.
"No, not that kind of feeling. Anyway, I wanted to tell you as soon as possible, I was just looking for the perfect opportunity."
"Tell me." I urge. He takes a deep breath and looks me in the eye.
"Chiaki, I--"

"Keito-kun! Where are you! We need to go!" A voice from the other hallway calls out.

Keito looks around nervously, but deciding to continue on with what he's saying. He whispers to me, but I can't quite make out his words. I ask him to repeat it, but it's no use, the calling from the other hall overlaps Keito's voice.

Since we both know whispering is impossible, he gives up. He inhales an unnecessary amount of air and looks me in the eye once more. He comes closer, and closer still. Until our faces are just a few centimetres away. Our lips just apart like how thin a needle is, when he comes closer and closes the gap.

I can feel his soft, warm and slightly wet lips on mine. Nipping, pulling and finally separating, only to repeat our actions once more. Stopping just in time before the staff member finds us and escorts us to where the others were. Walking down the hallway behind the lady, hand in hand while I sing that short line from the lullaby in my head.

My love, I want you
to understand
That until morning comes,
I will still be holding your hand

Feb. 28th, 2012


Stay with me [4]

Title: Stay with me
Chapter: Fourth
Pairing: Okamoto Keito x OC (Chiaki Chinen)
Genre: Romance
Author: le me 8D
Comments from the author: I AM SORRY, I TOOK SO LONG TO CONTINUE AGAIN SDJBFRJG I just read the chapter before this and I just noticed how many typos it has and I apologize for that. This may have typos too 'cause I don't really check again before posting it so.. gomen in advance :3

I hear mumbling beside me, and I can also feel the ground under me moving. Slowly, my eyes open to see that I'm not on ground, but already in a van with all of JUMP. Keito is in the seat in front of me, hair soaking wet.

The sound of the raindrops fill the van along with the voice of Ryutaro and Chinen, amused by all the things we pass.

"Ah, you're awake." Takaki smiles at me. I yawn a little and return his smile while scanning the van to get a good look at the others.
"It's a good thing Keito went with you, ne?" Hikaru says.
"Desu yo ne! ANYTHING COULD'VE HAPPENED TO YOU!" Chinen suddenly turns away from the window and yells.
"Hai, I'm sorry for troubling you." I bow.

Chinen lets out a sigh from his lips and says, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shout. We're all just worried."
"Desho. Be careful next time, ne?" Yabu says. I nod comprehensibly and close my eyes once more.

When I open my eyes again, we're already at the hotel. Yama-chan and Daiki assist me in walking through the lobby and into the elevator while Yabu and Takaki help Keito. We walk through a corridor and they settle me onto my solo bed while they help Keito lay down on the bed shared by him, Yamada and Yuto.

"Inoo-chaaaaan," I call out with my hand reaching. He immediately comes to my aid and sits beside me. While waiting for me to speak, he continuously brushed off the hair on my forehead, making me grow sleepier and sleepier.
"Stay here for a while," I ask.
"Hai, no problem at all," he answers kindly while continuing to rub my forehead gently.

The next morning, I wake up to confused faces and arguments.

"I'm telling you guys, go on ahead!" Keito persists while still laying in bed.
"No, we can't leave you here!" Hikaru argues.

"Ohayo gozaimasu," I greet.
"Ah, ohayo." Yamada greets as well.
"What's this about?" I ask.
"Well," Hikaru turns to me, "Keito here is sick. And we said we'll stay here since we can't leave him behind, but he insists that we go."
"You only have one week of rest! You should make the most of it," Keito says.
"But we can't go outside and enjoy while you stay behind!" Yuto argues.
"Oh yes you can. I can take care of myself." Keito counters their argument.

I step forward, cutting in their conversation.

"We can't leave Keito alone," I say.
"That's right!" Hikaru says.
"That's why I'm staying here with him," I proudly announce.
"What?! No!" Ryutaro says.
"Nuh-uh, Chiaki," Daiki disagrees.
"No way!" Takaki says.

I sigh and try to calm them down so I can explain myself.

"Look, Keito's right, you only have one week of rest. And you guys are also right that you can't leave him alone here. So, I'll stay behind with him and take care of him." I shrug.
"What? No, we can't--" Inoo starts to speak, but I immediately stop him.
"Plus, I still need a little rest regarding last night. The rain made me a little feverish last night, so I really do need to stay behind."

"Stubborn little kid." Yabu crosses his arms across his chest and pouts.
"Looks like there's no changing your mind. Maa, there's no use in arguing, ne?" Kei sighs.
"Sou!" I instantly agree, hoping that the others will, too.
"Everyone, get dressed!" Hikaru announces with a smile.

I get a glimpse of Keito, seeing his expression of slight anger because I insisted to stay behind, and flattery because I insisted to stay behind for him.

Quickly, everyone is in their fashionable outfits. Before heading out the door, Yabu turns to me one more time.

"Remember, Chiaki, once something goes wrong, you could always call us. You can also inform the crew here, okay?" Yabu looks at me for agreement and I immediately nod.

He leaves, out the door, down the hall and into the elevator along with the rest of JUMP. Once I've seen them off, I close the door and press the lock. Keito continues to lay on the bed, eyes shut tight.

I take a few steps closer to him when he opens his eyes just before I start to speak.

"Have you eaten?" I ask.
"Not yet. I was too weak to get up for breakfast this morning," he explains.
"Ah, sou.. Well, let me just have a bite and I'll make you breakfast."
"You'll make me breakfast? Not just buy or order it?" He asks.
"Yeah, I'll make you breakfast. You don't want?" I try not to sound offended.
"I want! It's just..rare."
"Rare?" I repeat. "I cook for you guys all the time!"
"It's rare the you cook for me."

I don't say anything in reply. Instead, I just smile and head to the mini kitchen provided in this suite. With all that they have in here, I manage to make porridge for Keito.

Carefully handling the tray with porridge, juice, a spoon, and tissues on it, I walk into the room where Keito rests. His eyes are still shut and I try not to make any unnecessary noise.

"Keito-kun, can you sit up a bit?" I gently request.

Slowly, his eyes open. And even though they only opened into little slits, the look of shock is still visible. He tries to push himself up, but ultimately failing and slamming back onto the bed again. 

I'm alarmed by what I saw and immediately settle the tray onto the desk and help him sit up. After fluffing his pillow and helping him up, I sit on the edge of his bed. From the tray, I carefully get the bowl of porridge.

At first he hesitates and tries to get the bowl from my hands, insisting that he feed himself. But when I don't hand it over, his hands land back on bed.

"Aaa~" I say while holding up the spoon near his lips.
"You're treating me like a child." He shakes his head and chuckles.
"But that's how it's supposed to be when you're sick~"

His lips let out a sigh.
"Aaa." And I put the spoonful in his mouth.
"See, not so bad, is it?" I smile while arranging the next spoonful.
"I feel so helpless."
"Let me feed you, you'll get well, and you won't feel helpless anymore."

After that, he says no more and cooperates with the mouth-opening business. He takes a short nap after the meal and I tidy up around.

I wasn't really sick this morning. Sure, I was a little dizzy when I woke up, but I could have gotten through the day with that headache.

But something urged me to stay behind and take care of Keito. Maybe it was me thinking I owe him for saving my life that time I almost got run-over by the car when we ate dinner outside. Or maybe it was his kindness the whole time I stayed with them that I felt like I needed to repay.

Or maybe I just really wanted to be with him.

Everyone left their beds untidy so I just fixed 'em all. It's quite boring without the other members. I'm not much of a fan of watching TV. It's so much more fun with the guys around that I've long forgotten watching TV, unless it's them I'm watching.

"Chiaki? You there?" Keito calls out from the other room.
"Ahh, hai!" I rush to where he is.
"Oh, I thought you left me."
"Why on earth would I do that?" I sit back on the edge of his bed.

He starts to shut his eyes again while taking my hand. That moment, I immediately felt my heart starting to pound. I notice how his temperature has risen.

"Keito, you're warm. You need to rest, I'll go find some medicine for you." I start to pull away to get my pouch with all sorts of medicine we might need. But he holds my hand tighter, preventing me from going anywhere.
"Stay here."
"Stay with me."

And I do.

"I can't sleep, sing for me," he requests.
"The lullaby I sang before?"
"Do you know some other lullabies?"
"Well yeah, but--"
"Please?" he requests.

I heave out a sigh and finally agree. I take a deep breather, clear my throat once or twice, and begin the lullaby my mother sang for me all the time.

My love, I want you
to understand
that until morning comes,
I will still be holding your hand

Don't fear to close
your tired eyes
and listen to my voice
while I sing this lullaby

Rest now, my dear,
your troubled little head

And forget everything painful
that has been said

Listen to my heartbeat
and sleep tonight
Tomorrow, you will see once more
the penetrating light

And when you awake,
I will still be here
My sweet image beside you
still crystal clear

I check if he's still awake, and he's not. Careful not to wake him, I slowly rise from the bed. But his hand quickly stops me from doing so. Instead of pulling myself away, I'm pulled in by Keito's hand and land beside him on the bed.

Before I can make any other movements, he wraps his hand around me, surrounded by his warmth. And just like that, I feel so protected, so comfortable and sure that nothing can hurt me. And even if something did hurt me, I don't mine, as long as these arms are the ones around me.

When I feel his muscles relax, I gradually remove his arms so that I continue tidying up. And at the moment I move away, I feel the need to cuddle up under his arms once again. But I know I can't do that. I'm not in the right position to do that.

So, like I always do, I ignore my feelings and clean up. I take a short nap after cleaning up and making sure I've locked the door since three members have keys to this suite. When I wake up, they're still not back. The sun has began to set and the light has turned into a light, calming orange.

When I look around, I can see someone's shadow from Keito's bed. Immediately, I get up and check. It's him, viewing this wonderful sunset clearly seen through the window. My legs start moving on their own, making their way to the bed. I stop beside Keito and sit down to join him.

"Kirei ne.." he says.
"It is."
"I could die right now."

Right after that statement, I gape. Wide eyed, mouth dropped, breathe halted.

"It's not that I'd commit suicide or something. I meant, if I die right now, I'd die happy." He looks at me, checking if I understood. I nod slowly and look at the sunset again.
"Why is that?"
"This is my dream."
"Yeah, the thing I asked for recently."
"Can you be a little more specific?" I ask. He chuckles a bit and explains.
"I wished to see a beautiful scenery with someone I.."
"Someone you..?"
"Someone I really cared for."

I look at him, taking some time to understand what he just said. And when I realize it, I turn away from embarrassment. Silence blankets the room. He just enjoys the sunset while I think of something to do.

"Ahh, I think I left the fridge open. Matte ne."

What he did when I was going to get up from the bed earlier, he did again. Just when I was about to get up, he pulls me back down beside him. I look at him, waiting for a statement, or something. But all he does is look at me, drowning me in those lovely eyes and luring me with that charming smile.

He leans close, his eyes, his nose, his lips, getting closer and closer to mine. Just a few centimeters away, about to touch, to collide, to join.. And then the doorbell rings.

We pull away at the sound, preventing from looking each other in the eyes. I open the door, letting all the members enter while I see Keito staring at me from the corner of his eye.

"So, Keito-kun~ How are you feeling?" Yamada asks.
"I'm much better. I can join you guys tomorrow. Chiaki did a wonderful job taking care of me." He smiles.

The nervousness in me leaves my system, and all I can feel at the moment is joy. I can feel my cheeks warm up again and I don't mind.

Dinner is brought up to the room, and the lullaby I sang earlier started playing in my head.

My love, I want you
to understand
that until morning comes,
I will still be holding your hand

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